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Dawan Muhammad celebrated the launch of new CD "Gatekeepers Blues" (LifeForce Jazz)

This studio recording focuses on re-birth of the “Cool,” post bop, medium-swing sounds from the 1950’s and 60’s with contemporary approaches to melodic and harmonic exploration.

The music CD:
1. Gatekeepers Blues 4:41 Dawan Muhammad contemporary approach to blues form with a haunting melody and pseudo-funky feeling Flugelhorm - Oscar Williams, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Piano - Mathew Clark, Bass - John Shifflett, Drums - Leon Joyce
2. L’ear 6:27 James Leary features improvisations on a gospel theme that grooves through many moods Trumpet - Modesto Briseno, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Trombone - Clifford Adams, Piano - Elmer Gibson, Bass - James Leary, Drums - Leon Joyce
3. Darshan’s Love 8:24 Clifford Adams whoa, drummer is smokin’ (solo) Trumpet - Modesto Briseno, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Trombone - Clifford Adams, Piano - Elmer Gibson, Bass - James Leary, Drums - Leon Joyce
4. Place On High 6:46 Elmer Gibson piano/flute duet in recognition and respect of religious scriptures Flute - Dawan Muhammad, Piano - Elmer Gibson
5. Timbuktu 8:14 Dawan Muhammad a salute to the place of higher knowledge and spiritual awareness, once known as a great learning center in the desert of 12th century West Africa. Trumpet - Modesto Briseno, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Alto Sax - Hafez Modirzadeh Piano - Mathew Clark, Bass - John Shifflett, Drums - Leon Joyce
6. Like It Used To Feel 4:16 Elmer Gibson is an appropriate reflection for this final Open Path recording session. Flugelhorn - Modesto Briseno, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Piano - Elmer Gibson, Bass - John Shifflett, Drums - Leon Joyce
7. Quiet Now 6:48 Denny Zeitlan from a 2005 session engineered by Scott Sorkin and showcases the up and coming talents of Richard Sears (piano) and Ryan York (Bass) who at that time were high school seniors, participating in LifeForce Jazz workshops. Soprano Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Flugelhorns - Bill Resch, Oscar Williams (solo), Trombone - Wayne Wallace, Piano - Richard Sears, Bass - Ryan York, Drums - Terrell Otis
8. That’s Cool 5:17 Elmer Gibson is a soundscape depicting the jovial personality of Billy Higgins Trumpet - Modesto Briseno, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad (solo), Hafez Modirzadeh, Piano - Elmer Gibson, Bass - John Shifflett, Drums - Leon Joyce
9. Dahomey Dance 8:21 John Coltrane bass solo, drum solo which maintains the spiritual aura and direction conveyed throughout this CD Trumpet - Modesto Briseno, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Trombone - Clifford Adams, Piano - Elmer Gibson, Bass - James Leary, Drums - Leon Joyce
10. Let’s Do This 8:28 Dawan Muhammad an original written with flugelhorn master Art Farmer in mind. Flugelhorn - Modesto Briseno, Tenor Sax - Dawan Muhammad, Piano - Mathew Clark, Bass - John Shifflett, Drums - Leon Joyce

 As LifeForce Jazz Artist Collective continues to build an impressive roster and music catalog, Dawan Muhammad looks for opportunities to pay tribute to legendary jazz masters and artists deserving of wider recognition. By commissioning and showcasing original compositions and/or arrangements from members of the collective, musicians and even artists in other disciplines who are affiliated with the organization, often collaborate and perform together as the LifeForce Jazz All-Stars. Primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have been honored to witness, participate and produce several of these events, billed as BAJABA (Bay Area Jazz and Blues Artists) ShowCases, and usually recorded for radio and television broadcast. In January and February of 2013, the musicians appearing on this CD premiered several original compositions in concerts celebrating African American History. Some compositions were also recorded live in studio. Although a variety of jazz styles were presented in the live concerts, the studio recordings focused on re-birth of the “Cool,” post bop, medium-swing sounds from the 1950’s and 60’s with contemporary approaches to melodic and harmonic exploration. Jazz traditions influence the orientation, interpretation and conceptual approach of each artist. Yet, “true” jazz remains a spontaneous art form and listeners with more than casual interests in jazz music, tend to appreciate fresh approaches to jazz styles from different eras. Dawan Muhammad is among many committed to studying and passing on jazz traditions and one listen to the tracks on this disc, will reveal why I have dubbed him a “GATEKEEPER.” He exemplifies all that the "African American Musical Diaspora" stands for and takes GIANT STEPS!

I have been Blessed to come in contact with many great artists and musicians throughout my journey and I’m convinced that witnessing artists embark upon an idea and develop it to full fruition is a spiritual enrichment everyone should experience. For this homegrown project, Dawan assembled some of Silicon Valley’s finest jazz musicians along with a few special guest artists from out of the area. With encouragement from engineer Lee Ray, Dawan decided to produce the last memorial recording session at Open Path Studios, a state-ofthe art facility located in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, California. Studio founder, Gordon Stevens (another Gatekeeper) was retiring and selling the historical building owned by his family, who were pioneers in music education and merchandising businesses for over 50 years in the South Bay area. Gordon continues to support many important music endeavors in the area including LifeForce Jazz, founded in 1994 by legendary jazz drummer Billy Higgins and Dawan Muhammad. Now, with a catalog of over sixty titles, LifeForce Jazz is recognized world wide as one of the most prolific independent jazz labels to emerge since Blue Note Records in the 1960’s.

Dawan starts this ceremonial compilation of tracks with his ‘Gatekeepers Blues,’ a contemporary approach to blues form with a haunting melody and pseudo-funky feeling. James Leary’s ‘L’ear ‘features improvisations on a gospel theme that grooves through many moods and swings into ‘Darshan’s Love,’ composed by Clifford Adams. ‘Place On High’ a piano/flute duet composed by Elmer Gibson in recognition and respect of religious scriptures, provides a nice segue into Dawan’s ‘Timbuktu,’ a salute to the place of higher knowledge and spiritual awareness, once known as a great learning center in the desert of 12th century West Africa. Elmer composes music for any occasion and his ‘Like It Used To Feel’ is an appropriate reflection for this final Open Path recording session. The rarely recorded, yet beautiful ‘Quiet Now’ by Denny Zeitlan is from a 2005 session engineered by Scott Sorkin and showcases the up and coming talents of Richard Sears (piano) and Ryan York (Bass) who at that time were high school seniors, participating in LifeForceJazz workshops. Elmer’s ‘That’s Cool’ is a soundscape depicting the jovial personality of Billy Higgins and leads into a rendition of John Coltrane’s ‘Dahomey Dance,’ which maintains the spiritual aura and direction conveyed throughout this CD. Dawan closes out with ‘Let’s Do This,’ an original written with flugelhorn master Art Farmer in mind. Well, this is a brief outline of the journey, now all you have to do is keep your ears open and enjoy the trip!
Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs

Recorded @ Open Path Studios January 29th and February 6th, 2013 San Jose, CA Releasing August 2015
Executive Producers: T.Y. Wilson and Dawan Muhammad
Associate producer: Gordon Stevens
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Lee Ray and Scott Sorkin Mastering: Reiner Gembalczyk@Sienna Digital Photography: Oscar Williams
Layout Design: Isaac Cheung and Dawan Muhammad
Special Acknowledgment: To renowned composer and trombonist Clifford Adams (Kool and the Gang), who passed away January 12, 2015 and to South Bay musician/educator Bill Resch performing his final jazz recording on this CD. May these great artists be granted high stations in Paradise….Amen!
Dawan Muhammad plays King “Super 20” and custom Gary Sugal tenor saxophones. Yanagasawa Soprano Saxophone and Custom Samperi Harmonic flute.

LIFEFORCE JAZZ: lifeforcejazz.com/

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Larry Newcomb Quartet CD Release "LIVE Intentionally!" Sat., Sept. 19th @ The Garage, Manhattan, NYC

Label: Essential Messenger EM12015
UPC Code: 700261424200

Track listing
1. BE MY LOVE 4:42 (Nicolas Brodsky and Sammy Cahn)
2. ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE 4:26 (Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II)
3. THANKS JACK! 4:44 (Larry Newcomb)
4. SURE THING 4:53 (Larry Newcomb)
5. INSTANT WATER 5:10 (Larry Newcomb)
6. OLHOS DE GATO 4:52 (Carla Bley)
7. AU PRIVAVE 4:06 (Charlie Parker)
8. STARDUST 6:16 (Hoagy Carmichael)
9. HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES? 5:38 (Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart)

Arrangements: Larry Newcomb
Recorded By: Tom Tedesco, Tom Tedesco Studios, Paramus, New Jersey Mastered By: Luis Guell, Digital Bouldevard Audio, Fairview, New Jersey

Musicians: Guitar: Larry Newcomb, Piano: Eric Olsen, Bass: Dmitri Kolesnik, Drums: Jimmy Madison

LIVE INTENTIONALLY! was recorded live. I wanted to capture the spontaneous intensity and energy of playing jazz without a safety net. I also wanted to test my own performance and improvisatory skills in real time. I wanted to “walk the walk” without relying on overdubbing solos later or “fixes-in-the-mix.” Pianist Eric Olsen, bassist Dmitri Kolesnik, drummer Jimmy Madison and I set up together at Tom Tedesco Studios. I counted off my three originals and six standards and the result is this recording.

The message of the title is the same whether LIVE INTENTIONALLY! strikes you as “intentionally recorded live!” or “live your life with intentionality!” This is our genuine, spontaneous playing, reaching for all the joy and beauty we could capture in each moment. I’d like to express my gratitude for the brilliant contribu- ions of Jack Wilkins, Bucky Pizzarrelli, Tom Tedesco, Luis Guell and my outstanding collaborators Eric Olsen, Dmitri Kolesnik and Jimmy Madison. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Larry Newcomb PhD Guitarist Larry Newcomb performs classic and original jazz and blues both as a soloist and in duo, trio and quartet ensembles. Larry has contributed a wealth of electric and acoustic guitar stylings in performances and on recordings with Bucky Pizzarelli, Jack Wilkins, Seleno Clarke, Billy Kaye, Jon Weiss, Mike Camoia, Larry Newcomb Trio, his duo Jonaitis & Newcomb, the band Wolfgang’s Revenge and with Babs Winn & the Kickin’ Boogie Band.

Newcomb has studied with guitar masters Bucky Pizzarelli, Mark Elf, Pat Martino, Howard Roberts and Randy Johnston. His affable performing style is informed by a PhD in Music History and a seasoned master’s understanding of the jazz idiom.
The path to jazz mastery is long, challenging, rewarding and never-ending. I started out transcribing then quoting great blues guitarists including B. B. King, Albert King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton and Duane Allman. In my early 20s, I heard Jim Hall, George Benson, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis and Kenny Burrell. My direction was established. I slowly developed a repertoire of standard tunes; and, by transposing the work of the masters, I learned to address each harmonic element of a tune in its own rite--especially the creation and resolution of tension from each dominant chord to the temporary or permanent tonic. Throughout my musical journey, I’ve strived to play what I hear, and to make each note ring with colorful, clear and heartfelt beauty.

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Ola Onabule - UK Singing Sensation - Busts Out With New CD!

Ola Onabulé
UK Singing Sensation!

New CD: 

It's T
he Peace That Deafens  

Dot Time Records!
Release Date: September 18, 2015   

Following up on his recent UK chart success with the re-mix of Soul Town, Ola Onabulé's new album "It's The Peace That Deafens" is his 8th studio album and marks a departure from his previous two releases featuring a largely acoustic set uniting Jazz, Soul and world influences. The Album contains 12 evocative songs about identity, reconciliation and nostalgia. Words, melodies and rhythms that walk a delicate tightrope of paradoxes, born of both a childhood and adulthood immersed in two disparate cultures, on two different continents and at two different times. Ola stated recently that "It's The Peace That Deafens" is as much a work of exploration as it is a declaration.


Press Contact: Scott Thompson PR


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Hannah Burgé’s “Green River Sessions” CD Release @ the Jazz Bistro, Toronto Tuesday, October 6th 8:00 pm

Hannah Burgé’s
“Green River Sessions”
CD Release
@ the Jazz Bistro
Toronto, Canada  
Tuesday, October 6th 8:00 pm

Hannah Burgé (voice)
Robi Botos (piano)
Paco Luviano (bass)
Mark Kelso (drums)
Tony Zorzi (guitar)
Luisito Orbegoso (percussion)
+ special guest

The Jazz Bistro
251 Victoria Street, near Yonge/Dundas
Toronto ON M5B 1T8 Canada 
416 363 5299
Genre classification simply will not pigeonhole the remarkable Canadian vocalist Hannah Burgé, as clearly demonstrated in her extraordinary debut album Green River Sessions on Music Village Records. Her Masters Degree in ethnomusicology is no mere academic qualification as her deep knowledge of World Music is woven into every track of the album, deeply intertwined with her personal musical vision. African, Brazilian and Indian vocal traditions are blended seamlessly into her vocal style, fully immersed in the classic jazz expression of Annie Ross, Eddie Jefferson, Kurt Elling and Diane Reeves – all beautifully projected through her lovely, emotive and compelling voice.

The music is fully integrated with these traditions, with the core trio – Robi Botos on acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3 and Nord synthesizer; Mark Kelso on drums and percussion and Paco Luviano on acoustic and electric bass – impeccably mastering every aspect of the music. Far more than a supporting trio, they possess a consummate synergy that makes the quartet a band in the most explicit sense of the word, with each member vitally versed in all of the styles contained within the music. Despite the variety of influences contained here, this is no potpourri, but rather a vividly realized musical context, with a totally cohesive structure – all welded together under the enthralling expressiveness of Hannah Burgé.

The brilliant arrangements are all done by Hannah and Paco, either together or separately, and the overall concept of the album was forged in their profound partnership, with Paco serving as the band director and the album’s producer. His inspired bass playing provides the central nervous system of the music. Botos handles most of the soloing with exhilarating imagination, thoroughly within the spirit of the music, and his sensitivity and tastefulness in support are exemplary. Kelso is stunning, his flawless rhythms and riveting energy make the music crackle, yet splendidly subtle in his coloration and drive. Guest artists are also brought into the brew for ingeniously effective contributions, including the world renowned harmonica master Hendrik Muerkens on two tracks.

The repertoire is outstanding – four Burgé originals, a popular Venezuelan song ('Onda Nueva'), two versions of a megahit pop song, and a pair of fine renditions of a Songbook standard and a jazz classic.

The four originals – all arranged by Hannah – strikingly showcase her highly impressive songwriting talents. Forged from the broad scope of her World Music sensibilities, coupled with the inspiration drawn from the natural setting of Lake Simcoe and the forests of her hometown of Orillia, Ontario, expressing the majesty of nature through her music is a key part of her artistic quest. Performing with Cuban, African and Brazilian bands in Toronto has also directly influenced her writing.

Inspired by water and the music of Cuba, Art of Living opens the album in a radiant manner, structured on a traditional Yoruba song grouping with a dynamic call and response between her vocal and the coro (comprised of herself and guest artist Luisito Orbegoso). South Indian Carnatic music provides a core inspiration for I’m In, with shimmering descending and ascending patterns providing a delectable tension, all dramatically enhanced by glowing tenor sax coloring from Kelly Jefferson. Serenity, a paean to the forests of her childhood, is a filigreed ballad of exquisite beauty and delicacy – evocative, mesmerizing and touching – and sung with an artistry of enormous depth and spirit.

Sunshine Samba is a driving piece, with Hannah’s vocal languorously suspended over the butterfly dance of the rhythm section, ramping it up into bass-stoked, fire-breathing intensity under Meurkens sizzling solo and Hannah’s scat-ish vocal. Hendrik also lends his prodigious talents to a uniquely conceived take on the Nicholas Brodsky/Sammy Cahn standard Be My Love, with the Hannah/Paco arrangement transforming what is usually an operatic interpretation into an infectious samba. Meurkens lively solo and obbligato caressing Hannah’s sprightly vocal add to the joy of the piece.

Throughout the album, Paco’s luminous talents and the rich World Music experience that he has culled from years of playing with so many fine international artists add a special luster to the music. His arranging skills are showcased on a pair of pieces. The legendary Spanish born Venezuelan composer Aldemaro Romero’s De Repente is an exciting, driving piece spurred by bass and drums and features Botos soloing on Rhodes and synthesizer. Hannah’s buoyant Spanish-language vocal is a delight. The Horace Silver classic Nica’s Dream, evoking Coltrane’s Giant Steps in its intro, is a rollicking Latin-style smoker, richly syncopated and exuberant, with the burning rhythm section further stoked by the incandescent congas of Jalidan Ruiz. Hannah handles Horace’s delightful lyrics with a scintillating vocalese flair that would make Eddie Jefferson holler his approval.

Hannah aptly demonstrates her mastery of pop music with two cover versions (including a radio edit) of Canadian superstar Allanah Myles’ megahit Black Velvet (by Christopher Ward and David Tyson). This sensational arrangement by Hannah and Paco features Tony Zorzi on guitar, whose scorching, rock-ish solo is a highlight. Over a deeply grooving rhythm section of funky bass, cascading Rhodes, wah-wah guitar and fractured back-beat drums, Hannah soars and wails, with tastefully subtle overdubs, in a most captivating rendition of the popular song.

With a full-bodied and warm voice, Hannah’s sinuous lyricism coils around the melodies and chord structures, her alluring phrasing and sumptuous musicality painting intriguing pictures and offering fascinating tales. The delightful Green River Sessions contains just the first of many to come.

For more information, visit 

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Snow Owl -Juan Garcia-Herreros- and Cia planted and mad with his Latin Jazz in Bansko Inter Jazz Fest (Bulgaria)

Bansko in Summer
Bansko Municipality, is a town southwestern Bulgaria, located in the most beautiful part of the magnificent Pirin Mountain, the Razlog Valley, the picturesque gorge of Momina Klisura of Mesta River and the Dubrashki part of the Rodopi Mountain.
Bansko is the main administrative and cultural-economic center of the municipality. It covers 49 621 hectares and encompasses the following: Bansko city, Dobrinishte and six villages: Mesta, Kremen, Obinim, Gostun, Philipovo and Osenovo. 
Bansko in sky
Bansko – a magical symbiosis of history, tradition and culture. With everything that one could find there – old architecture, heroic history, authentic folklore, centuries old culture, preserved traditions and customs, unique cuisine, incredible humor and rich vocabulary – the mountain revival town is a recognized symbol of what is Bulgarian.
We could say that in the Bansko Jazz is important in summer, while winter is the sky.

The passion for jazz exists in Bansko, both of which are inviting the Festival, year after year, top musicians around the world to augment its line up with performers of the region.

Acted vocalist Carmen Souza (Brazil), Reggae Jazz pianist Monty Alexander (Jamaica) and Latin Jazz Juan Garcia-Herreros, also known as Snow Owl, in the recent Bansko International Jazz Festival, held from 7 to 13 August this year in various scenarios, this stars these preceded by a substantial track record worldwide; and a good number of musicians looking into the troupe of the great musical level.

Throughout the week there were outstanding performances, but nice Festival organizers set the acting Snow Owl and his band for the closing day for the August 13, 2015.

Snow Owl
The organizers and the Musical Director of Bansko International Jazz Fest not mistaken, were and are right, they foreshadowed the overwhelming emotion that would involve the presentation of Snow Owl (Colombia), valuable composer, producer, bass high caliber nominated Grammy Awards, and beside the musical companion percussionist Roberto Quintero (Venezuela), won several Grammy, a band composed of talented musicians from Europe: Marko Churnchetz (Slovenia) keyboard, Stoyan Yankoulov (Bulgaria) drums, Marcio Tubino (Brazil) saxophone, Bertl Mayer (Austria) harmonica. There are seven missing one of our beloved "Ladies of Latin Jazz" with his cheerful Alejandra Maria violin (Colombia).

Before enjoying something "sabroson" and "rogue" we greet the population of Bansko, the authorities of the Municipality, the organizers of the festival, the means of social communication, to the sponsors for giving this contribution to culture and the arts. This is what humanity needs to be at peace.
I expect to be in the beautiful Bansko Jazz Caribe leading to the delight of all.

Now if you have the presentation here Snow Owl in the Stage "Nikola Vaptzarov" Square...gozalo:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


Luis Raul Montell

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Dave Chamberlain has double celebration birthday today 09/05/2015 Band of Bones and the release of their third CD "STOMP" 09/09/2015 in the Zinc Bar, NY

We want to get this man trombone Dave Chamberlain our sincere words of congratulations on the occasion of his birthday, which celebrates today ... wish him well and continue your good music.

And also more Cards for Mr. Chamberlain and his Band of Bones by the release of their new CD "STOMP"


Zinc Bar, NY

Wednesday, September 09
8PM, 930, and 11PM 

Dave Chamberlain’s BAND of BONES took shape in 2008 after literally years of germination. Inspired by the 1950s group of J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding, Band of Bones is a swinging big band with the unique instrumentation of EIGHT trombones, flute, and a sensational rhythm section. Stocked with top-shelf NY pros, Band of Bones plays a mix of straight-ahead jazz (with a hint of the Basie Band), enclave Latin-Jazz, and vocals as well. Listeners have raved about our first-class arrangements, tight ensemble, and exciting soloists

Dave Chamberlain: leader, trombone, flute
Guest vocalist:Antoinette Montague
Piano - Kenny Ascher
Bass - Tim Ferguson
Drums - Mike Campenni
Congas - Chembo Corniel
Charley Gordon, Sara Jacovino, Nate Mayland, Matt McDonald, Mark Patterson, Chris Rinaman-TROMBONES
Max Seigel, Dale Turk-BASS TROMBONE

''Quien Sera" (Sway) is a composition of Patricio Beltran Ruiz remembered and Dave Chamberlain arrangement is part of the CD "Caravan" will hear the cha cha live jazz with the execution of Band of Bones:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!



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Vocalist Frankye Kelly Releases Swingin Blue On LifeForceJazz Records!

Swingin Blue by Frankye Kelly

"Frankye Kelly is today one of the sweetest voices and presences on the scene
Jazz". Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Global Beat

San Francisco based vocalist Frankye Kelly is set to release Swingin Blue on LifeForceJazz Records! Her first release since her highly acclaimed 2008 CD Frankye Kelly's Tribute To Shirley Horn.

With her early years spent singing in church, with acapella groups and choirs, and listening to the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Sarah Vaughan as well as Fats Domino and Little Richard it has all helped lay the foundation, inspire and ignite the fire for the young Frankye Kelly to sing!!

Later living in Detroit Frankye sang R&B and she led her own group, Flyght, which matched her voice with that of four male singers, no doubt helping her with her great harmony, phrasing and fill for the melody thats all so present in her voice and through out Swingin Blue!.

With Swingin Blue Frankye Kelly delivers magnificently in both of her musical worlds of jazz and blues. Swingin Blue, which leads off with a sizzling Never Make Your Move to Soon and you'll know right away the lady can sing, and swing the blues!!

Equally as exhilarating is Next Time You See Me Things Won't Be The Same the other blues tune on the Swingin Blue CD. Added to Frankye Kelly's more gutsy and whaling vocal performance here are great solo's from the rhythm section of Will Blades organ, Don Nick guitar and Ron E. Beck on drums and together they rock the blues here!! “I couldn't have imagined just how much fun I would have making music with these cats, along with the fabulous saxophonist Danny Hull” Frankye says.

Regarding her jazz side Frankye says “I wanted to sing jazz because of its freedom and because that way I could express myself the way I wanted” and on the tracks Sophisticated Lady, Autumn Leaves and A night In Tunisa that seems to be exactly what happens! Her voice is tender, emotional and articulate!.

On tracks 1-7 the rhythm section of Harold Acey, drums and Spencer Allen, organ is superb and Frankye adds “I had a really swinging time working with Harold Acey and Spencer Allen who are such superb musicians and really added to Swinging' Blue in the studio”.

Guitarist Calvin Keys who is well known from his own recordings and as one of jazz music's great soloist, but also his accompaniment here to Frankye Kelly is stellar, and she continues “I especially thank the great Calvin Keys for adding his famous guitar work on "Swinging' Blue”.

And still more highlights from Swingin Blue are Frankye's really rich and natural vocals on Song For My Father and Secret Love with incredible solo's on both from the aforementioned Will Blades and Danny Hull of Doobie Brothers fame on saxophone!

On "Swingin' Blue" Frankye Kelly sings, swings, scats, and screams, and wraps it all into one sensational CD!!!

Notes of Frankye Kelly:

One of the San Francisco Bay area's top jazz vocalists, Frankye Kelly puts a lot of honest feeling into her singing. "I interpret the songs that have the most meaning to me. I have a wide range and I can sound like any horn but I feel that the voice is its own instrument. I love to be one of the instruments in my band, singing from my heart."

It was obvious from an early age that Frankye Kelly would be a singer. Living in Jackson, Mississippi for a few years with her grandparents, she remembers performing in a play when she was just three. Since her father was in the Air Force, her childhood was spent living in many different locations including California, Minnesota, Germany and Deleware and back to California. She heard the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Sarah Vaughan along the way as well as Fats Domino and Little Richard although most of her early singing was in church, acapella groups and choirs.

Frankye married at an early age, moved to Detroit and became a professional singer. She mostly sang r&b during this period and had a local hit with her recording of Johnnie Mae Matthews' "I Have No Choice". She did backup singing for Marlena Shaw and for Roslyn Ashford formerly of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. She led her own group, Flyght, which matched her voice with that of four male singers. But then she chose to drop out of music for a time to raise her family.

After moving to San Francisco, in the 1980s, she gradually returned to singing, but this time performing jazz. Frankye received important guidance from her cousin, the late great blues master Albert Collins. At a family reunion, we talked about me wanting to sing jazz. The main thing that Albert told me is that it is up to me to please and reach my audience, and he told me to always sing what I feel. He flew me to a lot of his concerts to show me what it was like to be a musician and to see what the life was like. I say how hard he worked and was inspired.

Starting in 1989, Frankye Kelly has pursued her dream of being a jazz singer. "I wanted to sing jazz because of its freedom and because that way I could express myself the way I wanted. I studied jazz not only to learn the music but to learn myself. I didn't want to listen too closely to singers because I didn't want to copy anyone, so instead I listened constantly to Miles Davis. I always loved the way that he played. He would take his time, not rushing into it, and he played with a lot of feeling."

Among the many places that Frankye Kelly has performed in the Bay Area are Yoshi's, "Top of the Mark" at the Mark Hopkins hotel (with pop superstar Ricardo Scales), Jazz at Pearl's, Kimball's East, Kimball's West and at the Ritz Carlton Hotels in Half Moon Bay and San Francisco. She has sung at many jazz festivals including the San Francisco Jazz Festival, the San Jose Jazz Festival and the Fillmore Jazz Festival. In addition, she has performed in France, Mexico Japan and China.

Thus far Frankye has recorded three CDs. The Night is Young was recorded at Kimball's West and showed those at the time who were unfamiliar with her just how talented a jazz singer she is, serving as a strong introduction. My Life, More Than It Is: Not Just the Blues is an appealing mixture of pop, blues, r&b and jazz, displaying a great deal of variety but staying consistently rewarding. Her most recent cd, Live at Yoshi's, Frankye Kelly Sings Songs For My Father, was recorded on several occasions at Yoshi's Jazz House, and is a collection of some of her favorite jazz songs. It is dedicated to her father who was at all of the sessions and has since passed away.

In 2006, Frankye Kelly spent six months singing in China, performing in Shanghai during a pair of lengthy visits. In addition, she made some noteworthy appearances in the Bay area. Clearly with her talents, she is destined to have a much higher profile in the United States. Being a Buddhist, she has high aspirations for the future. "I want to continue to sing and teach, performing my music for large audiences. I am particularly interested in performing at more jazz festivals in the United States and Canada. I am working for world peace through music. I feel that jazz brings peace and love to all of those who hear it."

Today September 2 years would be fulfilling the extraordinary pianist and composer Horace Silver (RIP), we want to share with you the cute version frankye Kelly makes the composition "Song for My Father" which includes the new CD that this time we present :