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Important exhibition of Bobby Sanabria at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem on Jazz's Forgotten Heroes, Jan.6, 2015

Tuesday, January 6th

James Reese Europe & the Harlem Hellfighters - Jazz's Forgotten Heroes

Jazz for Curious Listeners

Host: Bobby Sanabria

$10.00 Suggested Admission
Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem
104 E. 126th Street, Suite 2C

James Reese Europe is one of the most vital of all figures in the first two decades of 20th-century music. By founding the Clef Club and its 125-man orchestra, he pioneered the organization of African-American musicians, finding work and social opportunities for them in the era's highly segregated music world. In the 1910s, Europe was the musical director for pioneering ballroom dancers Vernon and Irene Castle, who introduced the foxtrot and-with Europe, who started the tango craze in 1912-helped popularize ballroom dances based on ragtime, Latin and jazz rhythms. In 1913, Europe's Clef Club Orchestra became the first all-black group to make recordings, and from Europe's accounts of his music, it is clear that his group stood on the threshold of jazz.

Europe also conducted the first all-black orchestra to perform at Carnegie Hall. The orchestra included violinist/composer Will Marion Cook, the first African-American to launch full-scale musical productions, and who later tutored Duke Ellington. For these concerts, Europe insisted on playing only music by black composers, presaging elements of the Harlem Renaissance, as well as Paul Whiteman and George Gershwin's historic Aeolian Hall concert, by almost a decade. In World War I, Europe also led the 369th Infantry Harlem Hellfighters Regimental Band, which featured 18 Puerto Rican musicians, and were the first to introduce an early form of jazz to European audiences. Come learn about this long-forgotten figure and his importance to jazz and Harlem history with multi-Grammy nominated musician and educator Bobby Sanabria.

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This is the joyful message of our ally and best friend Jim Eigo (Jazz Promo Services)

From Jazz Promo Services

To All Our Friends, Colleagues and Clients We Extend The Warmest Wishes For This Holiday Season And Continued Success For All Your Endeavors In 2015!

For Your Holiday Listening Pleasure:

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From Holland the Christmas greeting remarkable vocalist Laura Fygi

Everywhere that Laura Fygi visits, she is a veritable vision of exotica. In her home country of the Netherlands, they know her as the woman who was raised in Uruguay as the daughter of an Egyptian belly dancer; in the Far East she is the emancipated Western lady who many others aspire to be. But wherever she may be, there’s one common factor in all of those locations: that instantly recognisable voice which has won her hearts all over the globe.
Now, in this day of Christmas party, enjoy this beautiful video in the company of family and friends:

Love, Laura

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Cynthia Felton "Sings The Nancy Wilson Classics"

Title: Save Your Love For Me 
Catalog#: FE 0004 
UPC Code: 700261409733 
Release date: 10/21/2014 

Track Listing: 
1. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (:35) 
2. The Old Country (4:48) 
3. Dearly Beloved (5:15) 
4. Save Your Love For Me (5:33) 
5. A Sleepin’ Bee (4:07) 
6. Only The Young (5:21) 
7. West Coast Blues (3:16) 
8. Guess Who I Saw Today (3:34) 
9. Never Will I Marry (3:53) 
10. (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over (5:57) 
11. I Wish You Love (4:22) 
 Featuring: Donald Brown, Robert Hurst, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Patrice Rushen, Ernie Watts, Wallace Roney, Jeff Clayton, John Beasley, and more…

 “Cynthia Felton is a risk-taker in the time-honored tradition of musical pioneers who forge their own paths. She shares some characteristics with her forebearers - a nearly 4-octave range like Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald's enjoyment of scat singing, and Nancy Wilson's love of storytelling. I had the privilege of working with Nancy Wilson for 35 years, and now, my being a woman of a certain age, I watch the changing musical tides sometimes with regret. But there are singers who uphold the traditions while creating music that is fresh and new, uniquely their own. Cynthia Felton is one of these singers. On this CD she proves herself once again. Cynthia has the vocal talent, musical skill and soul that will sustain her far into the future. I am looking forward to joining her on many more musical journeys, wherever they may lead.” - Devra Hall Levy

Jim Eigo:

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Greg Spero Special Guest w/Frank Russell Band and Third Coast Fuse today 8:00 p.m. @Wire

Greg Spero Special Guest
w/Frank Russell Band and Third Coast Fuse
Sat, Dec 20th 8:00 PM
(7:00 PM Doors)
6815 Roosevelt Road
Berwyn, IL 60402
(708) 669-9473
Tickets Available Here:
Greg's New CD

Bass: Junius Paul, Drums: Makaya McCraven, Piano/Synthesizers/Vocals: Greg Spero
Track listing, track times
1. Introduction: Turn It Up 1:21
2. Raga 5:09
3. Up Too Late 5:31
4. Interlude 3 2:08
5. Blackbird 5:58
6. Song 21 5:59
7. Interlude 21 2:02
8. No Rest for the Weary 5:08
9. Interlude 4 1:28
10. Fly 5:29
11. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 5:21

“At first listen of Greg Spero’s debut release, Acoustic I wrote that I found it difficult to imagine how he could surpass his first offering to the world of jazz. After listening to Electric, I realized that it’s not about “surpassing” oneself in a competitive sense, but rather, more about one’s own inner-travel and the attentive harvesting of the experiences.

Greg’s highly refined musical statement on this album is but a reflection of his own personal evolution while on a path of restless exploration beyond the mundane. Greg accomplishes this with the very tasteful and imaginative layering of electronic elements juxtaposed with deeply rooted foundational acoustic beds-- to create glimpses into multi-dimensional soundscapes. With Electric, Greg invites us on an engaging kaleidoscopic journey that pierces the outer edges of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic possibilities. On this journey we are also fortunate that Greg has wisely chosen to share the pure innocence of his voice in the pristine interpretation of three classic songs.

My only question for his next project will be where will his travels take him next?”
Robert Irving III, Miles Davis producer/director

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"Swing Makes You Happy"
SUN., FEB. 1st
@ SMALLS 4:30pm-7pm​

George Gee - bandleader
David Gibson - trombone, music director
Hilary Gardner - vocals
John Dokes - vocals
Ed Pazant - alto sax
Michael Hashim - tenor sax
Tony Lustig - baritone sax
Freddie Hendrix, Andy Gravish - trumpets
Willard Dyson - drums
Marcus McLaurine - ​string bass
Steve Einerson - piano
Smalls Jazz Club
183 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 252-5091

George Gee Swing Orchestra "Swing Makes You Happy!"
(Rondette Jazz RJ1009) Street Date January 15, 2015 
Featuring the compositions and arrangements of music director/ trombonist David Gibson and vocals by Hilary Gardner and John Dokes.

Swing Makes You Happy is not only the title of the George Gee Swing Orchestra’s outstanding new album, it’s the motto by which they live.  And they bring home that message in ebullient fashion on every one of the 19 tracks on this Rondette Jazz release - George’s eight album, but his first for Rondette.

            George and his collaborator and musical director – the brilliant composer, arranger and trombonist David Gibson – share a common vision .  As George states “David and I are truly kindred spirits who agree that swing music is a living, growing and evolving art form.”  The music here proves that over and over again.  Although the orchestra is firmly entrenched in the deepest foundations of the swing tradition, the music is thoroughly contemporary and of the moment.

            Much of this is due to the consummate talent of Gibson, who provides five originals and all of the arrangements, plus three excellent transcriptions from Chick Webb’s repertoire.  Equal credit can go to the marvelous musicianship of the 9-piece ensemble that sounds like a group twice as large; and sometimes like a tight little band that cooks like the Jazz Messengers.

            Immortal band leaders Charles Mingus and Randy Weston have been able to achieve an orchestral sound with units of only five or six horns.  The key to that is a combination of dynamic arrangements and hornmen with big, bold sounds.  Both of those elements are at play here.  Gibson’s trombone anchors the brass  section with trumpeters Freddie Hendrix and Andy Gravish.  The powerful saxophone section consists of Ed Pazant, Michael Hashim and Tony Lustig on alto, tenor and baritone respectively; and a sterling rhythm section of Steve Einerson on piano, upright bassist Marcus McLaurine and Willard Dyson on drums completes the package.

            As with the Mingus and Weston groups, all of the hornmen share in the soloing – as does pianist Einerson – and always totally within the structure of the music, never grandstanding or exhibiting their virtuosity for its own sake.  Added to the mix are two wonderful vocalists, Hilary Gardner and John Dokes, both of whose participation is totally enmeshed within the structure of the music, despite their featured roles on nearly half the album.

            Another point of shared perception between Gee and Gibson is their deep love and respect for Count Basie, who George is proud to call his mentor from the time he formed his big band in Pittsburgh in 1980.  The orchestra does follow the classic blueprint of the Basie tradition – relentless swing, unfettered exuberance and perfect execution, with full emphasis upon the freshness of adventurous expression.

            Included in the delightful repertoire are four items associated with Basie, three of which include vocalist Dokes.  On I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water – with an appropriately Basie-ish jump-swing arrangement – Dokes’ robust baritone certainly invokes the jubilance of the legendary Joe Williams, with whom the song is so deeply connected.  But there’s also a gospel-tinged quality contained that fuels the fire, adding a special luster to two songs more associated with Jimmy Rushing’s raucous blues holler, the deliciously grooved Baby Won’t You Please Come Home and the vigorously punchy Evenin’.  His deeply expressive and profusely rhythmic treatment of Nature Boyis buoyed by an incandescent arrangement that surrounds him with a warm swirl of sumptuous colors.  On the Frank Loesser classic If I Were A Bell, John is joined by Hilary for a stimulating duo as they exchange verses in this spirited unabashed swinger.

            Like Dokes, Hilary’s singing is beautifully resonant – crisp, articulate and flawless in phrasing and intonation.  With a sensual voice that forges a space somewhere between Lady Day and Anita O’Day, her vivacious stylings smoke on the joyfully up-tempo Sweet Pumpkin, the rollicking That’s No Joke, and the sprightly syncopated You Say You Care.  She conveys an evocatively sinuous quality on the final Basie item No Moon At All, with its bluesy groove and suspended angular horn voicings.

            While the band is fully entwined on all the vocal pieces, shading and pushing the vocalists, while adding excitement with  luminous ensemble work and sparkling solos, the five Gibson originals provide an expansive context for exploration.  David’s writing is complex, adventurous and challenging, but always vitally rhythmic and fluid.  The ensemble traverses the terrain with energy and agility, swinging the intricate lines with command and excitement.  Comin’ Home (a dedication to Nelson Mandela) opens the album, clearly staking the territory the album will cover, combining the fiery radiance of a big band with the dexterity of a hard bop sextet.  Dyson even takes a Blakey-like approach to the drums.  The Blakey vibe is again present on The Road To Roscoe’s, a funky jaunt in the Moanin’ vernacular.  The bluesy Hash Mash, with its ingenious harmonics, the explosive Bedrock and the viscerally swinging I Knows are built upon stirring arrangements profusely peppered with highly impressive solos.  All of these pieces provide a fertile environment for the exciting, pungent alto of Pazant, the burly fluidity of Lustig’s bari, the gutty blues-drenched tenor of Hashim, the full-bodied resonance and dynamic articulate trumpets of Hendrix and Gravish, and the earthy, euphonious opulence of Gibson’s trombone.  The rhythm section, exemplary throughout this entire album, offers the ideal canvas for the soloists while driving the music with passion and urgency.

            There is a pair of showcase pieces for two of the musicians.  The modern Sinatra classic It Was A Very Good Year is a feature for Michael Hashim, fully suitable for a tenor/organ joint, with the orchestra providing a tightly-knit Hammond B3-type coloring for Michael’s deeply soulful tenor.  Herbie Hancock’s A Tribute to Someone is a stately ballad, a tour de force for Freddie Hendrix’s round-toned and resplendent Clifford Brown-ish lyricism – impassioned, yet serene.

            But the overarching message of George Gee – the timelessness and immediacy of Swing – may best be exemplified by the three Chick Webb transcriptions.  Lindy Hopper’s Delight, delightful indeed with its bouncy, potent swing; Midnight In A Madhouse, an all-cylinder excursion in edgy, but controlled frenzy; and the album’s closer, the smoldering, utterly captivating Blue Minor are revelations.  Nearly 80 years after these pieces drove Chick’s nightly audiences at the Savoy Ballroom wild, this music is still immediate, urgent and sensationally vital.  Played without a hint of nostalgia or even the vaguest whiff of parody, the George Gee Swing Orchestra offers them with total respect, as perfect examples of the music’s immortal profundity with an emphasis on the fun at the core of that word.

            For over 30 years now, George Gee has been delighting audiences all over the world, and will soon be celebrating his 18th year in residency at SWING46 Jazz and Supper Club in NYC’s Times Square.  The driving force behind this remarkable ensemble, George expresses his role in humble terms “I try to create a canvas and environment where the very special artists with whom I surround myself can excel at their art.” David offers a finer perspective. “When I joined George's band, it was evident that GG had a passion for the music and his audience.  He's employed his vision to create an organization that provides audiences with access to high quality music and musicians.  He is all-at-once a CEO, community organizer and interlocutor steering his organization toward his swinging destination.” The splendid results are eminently clear.

            With consistent personnel, some for more than 20 years, the George Gee Swing Orchestra also demonstrates the time-proven fact that the more a group performs together, the more transcendent the music becomes. As David Gibson states about this extraordinary recording “The results have exceeded the boundaries of my imagination” …. and now the listeners get to expand their own; and to dance to their hearts’ content!

The George Gee Swing Orchestra Can Also Be Seen
Every Tuesday 830pm-1130pm

Celebrating Their 18th Year @
SWING46 Jazz & Supper Club
349 West 46th Street
NYC 10036
every Tuesday 830pm-1130pm

Luis Raul Montell

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Janice Borla Group "Promises to Burn" DownBeat Magazine "Best CDs of 2014"

"Promises to Burn"

Janice Borla-voice
Scott Robinson -tenor saxophone/flute
Art Davis-trumpet/flugelhorn
John McLean-guitars
Bob Bowman-bass
Jack Mouse-drums

(Tall Grass Records TG 8281) Street Date March 4, 2014

Tall Grass Records congratulates jazz vocalist Janice Borla, whose highly-acclaimed CD Promises to Burn (TG 8281) was just listed in the December issue of DownBeat Magazine as one of the "Best CDs of 2014."  
This is her second consecutive release to be so honored.  Her previous CD From Every Angle (Blujazz BJ3350) was similarly named among DownBeat's "Best of the Year."
The CD also features such stellar musicians as Scott Robinson (saxophone/flute), Art Davis (trumpet), John McLean (guitar), Bob Bowman (bass) and Jack Mouse (drums).
Promises to Burn is available at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and other fine music retailers.  Check out the reviews below…

* * * * "Borla pulls off a hat trick on this disc:  She's on equal footing with her instrumentalists but remains the focal point with stellar performances…An impressive musical feat.  4 stars!"
        ~ Kirk Silsbee, DownBeat
"Among the best, boldest and most innovative vocalists around…Working exclusively with Borla's arrangements, the sextet exercises its fervent cohesion across a marvelously wide-ranging playlist…vocal-based jazz symbiosis rarely reaches such splendor."
        ~ Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times
"Meaty…Here is a 'jazz singer' who understands what a jazz sextet is; my kind of singer and my kind of group."
        ~ Robert Rusch, Cadence Magazine
"Here's a lady that really defines 'jazz vocalist.'  A wonderful album…You're going to LOVE this one!"
        ~ George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly
"This is terrific jazz music making from a queen of scat as well as pure vocal beauty…Her ensemble couldn't be better.  Another winner, here."
        ~ Grady Harp,
"Superb album…One of the best singers in the Chicago area…Her scat singing is quite inventive, revealing a deep knowledge of jazz harmony."
        ~ Tom Cunniffe, Jazz History Online
"…Her voice is an instrument to be reckoned with.  She is a force of nature."
        ~ Jack Goodstein, BlogCritics
* * * *  "…Again demonstrates her impressive versatility as a musician…Her sheer vocal audacity…pinpoint precision…striking notes as truly as any instrument, (and) her wordless vocalizing, flaunted to full effect…"
        ~ Sally Evans-Darby, Jazz Journal (UK)
"Superb!  Janice's voice is a jewel, and her group shows that it's a pleasure to play with her."
        ~ Serge Warin, Radio Grand Brive, France
"…Round and polished performances showing off Borla's impressive scat and vocalese capabilities…Borla has chops to spare."
        ~ C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz
"Janice makes clear with her full, rich vocal sound and her superb musicianship that jazz singing is in more than capable hands."
        ~ Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly
"Her) scatting…is irresistible.  The entire album is wonderful!  Great arrangements."
        ~ Randy Morse, The Best of Brazil
"Always hipster-cool, literati inventive, and friendly while dancing on the outskirts of traditional forms."
        ~ Mark Tucker,
"What a quandary…Which track to play from a CD that is perfect!"
        ~ Tony Soley, 10Radio, UK
"Most highly recommended, particularly for folks who love vocals with substance.  Vocal jazz that you can listen to over and over again."
        ~ Rotcod Zzaj
New CD: Janice Borla Group "Promises to Burn". Recomended at (March 26, 2014)

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Gail Boyd's APAP Showcase Spans the Globe on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015



Association of Performing Arts Presenters Showcase

1335 Sixth Ave, New York, NY

January 11, 2015   2PM - Midnight

2PM & 7PM - TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS (produced by KMP Artists)
Before “The Christmas Song” and “Mona Lisa” that we know from the crooner standing in front of the orchestra, Nat was recording and playing (from the piano bench!) some of the tastiest and most influential music of the day, leaving an impact not only on an array of singers but on pianists such as Oscar Peterson and Ahmad Jamal. This show effortlessly weaves in stories from this period in Nat King Cole’s life as they relate to the song selections, creating an evening that is fun, informative and leaves the audience not only tapping their feet, but pondering some fascinating tidbits.

Grammy Award Winning pianist, Laurence Hobgood has recently re-invented himself in the trio format.  A new recording (due out in Spring 2015), Honor Thy Fathers, featuring amazing bassist and drummer John Patitucci and Kendrick Scott, celebrates and pays tribute to some of the jazz trio's most iconic figures (Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Oscar Peterson, etc.) as well as several of Laurence's personal mentors.  Hobgood has accrued numerous Grammy nominations and other accolades as producer and musical director for musicians such as Kurt Elling, Clark Terry, Gary Burton, Eddie Daniels, Sheila Jordan, Bob Mintzer, Mark Whitfield, Jackie Allen, Charmaine Clamor, Tammy McCann and Bob Belden.  Joining Laurence for this showcase is Dan Loomis on bass and Kendrick Scott on drums. 
 The New York Times wrote of Helen: “…the quality of her touch, like her grasp of harmony and form, has never been in doubt. What’s striking this time around is an openness of vision, paired with a looseness of execution. Ms. Sung sounds both relaxed and searching, and she imparts the same qualities to her crew.” Having completed recent tours in Europe, Asia and the United States, Sung & Quartet will present selections from her Concord Records debut Anthem for a New Day along with sneak peeks of new material.  Performing with her will be Reuben Rogers on bass, John Ellis on saxophone and Obed Calvaire on drums. 

Join Tammy McCann for an exciting showcase of new music with Grammy winning arranger and pianist Laurence Hobgood, Lonnie Plaxico on bass and Willie Jones III on drums.. You'll hear Tammy's one of a kind voice wrapped around some of your favorite tunes as well as get a peek into Tammy and Laurence's new CD Love Stories.  “The very thought of a singer of McCann’s vocal prowess sharing the stage with a pianist as sensitive and technically accomplished as Hobgood leaves enough to weaken the pulse of just about any jazz listener.” Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune.

Described by The Guardian as “a superb pianist of undisguisedly jazz-rooted, Herbie Hancock like fluency,” Andy Milne and his group Dapp Theory represent a litmus
of what’s happening in the world of music today. They genuinely inhabit a wide
range of musical spaces that span the globe, from Appalachian folk, traditional Armenian and heavy metal, to funk, hip-hop, jazz, pop, and classical music. Performing music from their 2014 release, Forward in All Directions, Milne will be joined by special guest, vocalist Jean Baylor, along with the members of Dapp Theory.
4:30PM – CAMILLE THURMAN QUARTET (produced by Hot Tone Music)
This quartet features voice/saxophone/flute, piano, bass & drums with a style that incorporates original & modern arrangements of jazz, contemporary and world music. An eclectic mix of instrumental and vocal music that blends influences and sounds of yesteryear with the freshness and edginess of today, "bursting in with the power of virtuosity tempered by tradition, understanding and great feeling" (Donald Elfman, NY Jazz Record). Exciting vocals blending the lushness, sophistication and versatility of Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald with the electrifying range and excitement of Chaka Khan.  She will be accompanied by Darrell Green on drums, David Bryant on piano and Rahan Carter on bass.

5PM – THE MIMI JONES BAND (produced by Hot Tone Music)
This band of 4 (bass/voice, piano, drums and horn) features a delicate fusion of traditional & contemporary jazz, eclectic soul, funk, rock…textures and dynamics simple yet unpredictable progressions, supported over a heavy bounce no matter what the groove. Joining Mimi on this showcase is: Johnathan Barber on drums, Miki Hayama on the piano and a special guest.

Alvester Garnett is a jazz drummer who, among many other productions, has appeared on Great Performances on PBS in a tribute to Kurt Weill and on Broadway in “After Midnight."  Garnett has played with Abbey Lincoln, Betty Carter, Regina Carter, Clark Terry, Pharoah Saunders, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Teddy Edwards, James Carter, Cyrus Chestnut, Charenee Wade, Lou Donaldson, Benny Golson, Al Grey, Rodney Jones, and Sherman Irby, among others.  Garnett’s Artworks Ensemble exclusively features new original compositions of the leader and each member of the ensemble. The ensemble, consisting of Bruce Williams, Jed Levy & Chris Berger, will be playing selections from its upcoming album to be released in early 2015. 

One of the best interpreters of Jacques Brel and Bob Dylan anywhere on this angst ridden planet today" (Village Voice, New York) and "one of the best nightclub singers in the world" (Time Out New York), Jungr is “a fearless iconoclast who dives into the deepest waters of popular song to wrest exotic treasure from the ocean floor" (The New York Times). Jungr will present songs from her recent CD, Hard Rain - The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen

6:30PM – NEW WEST GUITAR GROUP (produced by KMP Artists)
Featuring John Storie, Perry Smith and Jeff Stein, New West Guitar Group has been making their mark as a fresh, cutting-edge guitar ensemble. Performing popular covers, jazz standards and exciting originals, NWGG combines the acoustic and electric guitar to create their signature sound. The ensemble tours extensively through the United States and abroad giving concerts and master classes.  Praised as “sharp and refined” by the Seattle Times, New West Guitar Group infuses its latest disc Big City with its signature blend of laid-back virtuosity and expert arrangements that “sometimes verge on the orchestral” (All Music Guide).

Don Braden is an imaginative, technically excellent, soulful saxophonist, and his harmonic and rhythmic sophistication give him a unique approach to improvising as well as composing and arranging. Don Braden Quartet will perform selections from their upcoming release Earth, Wind, Fire, & Wonder which will include Modern Jazz arrangements of Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder, including “Getaway”, “You Can’t Hide Love”, “Don’t You Worry About a Thing”, and more. Don’s 20th CD,Earth, Wind, Fire, & Wonder will be released Spring 2015 featuring Brandon McCune.

(produced by Hot Tone Music)
All About Jazz gives Shirazette Tinnin’s debut album a 4 star review. C. Michael Bailey describes the album Humility as a “drummer-led recording date. “Tinnin has a delicate, yet firm grasp of playing polyrhythms like those popularized by Elvin Jones when he performed as part of the classic John Coltrane quartet.” Tinnin’s band and sound can best be described as straight-ahead/mainstream with an explosion of fusion on top. Shirazette will share the stage with Jason Curry on the saxophone, Jesse Elder on piano and Nimrod Speaks on bass.

8:50PM – D.O.M.E.  (produced by Hot Tone Music)
Through Art we Inspire Awareness, Change and Progress. The primary objective of The D.O.M.E. Experience is to promote social and environmental awareness through a multimedia experience that incorporates the artistic mediums of music, dance and cinema. The initials stand for Dance, Orchestration, Media, Environment. The production is comprised of a Jazz Philharmonic ensemble of up to 50 musicians, 3 dancers, and a film projected onto multiple screens thus fully engaging the audience’s senses of sight and sound. The Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra Multimedia Presentation will feature Arco Iris Sandoval on Piano, Mimi Jones on Bass, Steve Wilson on Sax, Riza Printup on Harp, Jamie Baum on Flute, with Dance/Choreography by Goussy Celestin and Leslie Parker plus many more...

9:30PM – VINX Quartet (produced by Dreamsicle Arts)
Vinx has recorded and toured with some of the music industry’s greatest icons: Stevie Wonder, Sting, Herbie Hancock, Sheryl Crow, Branford Marsalis, Ernie Watts, Taj Mahal, Ricki Lee Jones, Darius Rucker, Vance Gilbert, Cassandra Wilson, Brenda Russell, Cher and numerous others.  VINX is undoubtedly one of the most gifted improvisational vocalists performing today.  With songs that range from jazz to funk, bossa nova to blues and back again, each audience takes a world tour with VINX as their private guide.  Soaring vocals, intricate layered melodies and grooves, and that primal hand drum holding it all together mark the signature style that makes VINX a stand out among world class vocalists.   For the American Crooner Tour, VINX is joined by his trio that includes Scott Kinnison on drums, Scott Kiefner on upright bass and Andre Vasconcelos on guitar.  Featuring some of his favorite standards that evoke the days when low toned baritones ruled the night, as well as original compositions that pay homage to the genre, the American Crooner Tour celebrates VINX’s first love…singing.  

10PM – GUGU (produced by KMP Artists)
This award winning and top rated drum group from Shanghai offers a theatrical drum drama depicting historical and culturally significant drum compositions that present profound insight into unity, human evolution, awareness, wisdom, social commitment, and communication through percussive movements.

10:30PM- Midnight – JAZZ JAM SESSION
At 10:30, Gail Boyd Artist Management will host a jazz jam session including many of the performers that were featured in the showcase as well as others.  There will be a cash bar in the Regent Parlor starting at 9:00.  

Let’s give the Hilton Lobby a break on Sunday and come by
and enjoy a drink and some wonderful music.