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The Urban Renewal Project live @ the Jazz Education Network Conference in San Diego Janueary 10, 2015

Forthcoming remix album featuring cuts from Local Legend reimagined by pioneering producers, including Zed Bias and Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Recent national television appearance on FOX NFL
Sunday with comedians Rob Riggle & Paul Scheer. 
Check it out HERE (music at 1:24)

New Video

We Big Tonight -The Urban Renewal Project ft. Elmer Demond & Aubrey Logan

Available on iTunesSpotify
and a lots of other places.

Watch Our New Video

We’re excited to bring you the exclusive unveiling of the brand new music video for “We Big Tonight,” a bumping hip-hop tune featuring The Urban Renewal Project‘s big horn section and freestyle rapper Elmer Demond, featuring a soulful vocal hook by Jazz singer Aubrey Logan.
Songwriter-arranger-saxophonist R.W. Enoch on the song:
“We really wanted to recreate the sound of modern hip-hop music using our traditional jazz instrumentation, and do it in a way that was still totally bangin’—where you’d still want to hear it through the subs in your car or out at the club. The video matches the tone of the music and lyrics in the song. It’s set at an underground hip-hop show, where the crowd is taking a few tropes from rap-culture and turning them on their ear.”
Elmer Demond on the song:
“This song was my way of telling the world what we already knew: that we are a really big deal. I really feel like our past video shoots were just preparing us for this one. I felt like we were finally receiving that big-deal treatment.”

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