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The FOR NOW Band prepares the release of its CD "Elsewhere"

"Elsewhere" of For Now

For Now will be launching your debut album, Elsewhere, on May 18th. They will be touring the east coast for two weeks this summer to promote the release.
For Now's music blends modern jazz harmony, thought-provoking lyrics, and intricate melodies to create a nuanced sound. Our debut album is a reflection on the ever-changing nature of life, and it seeks to represent the current state of affairs, both personal and otherwise.

Elsewhere by  For  Now Release  scheduled  for  May  18thSelf-released  Debut  albumfornowproject.comDenton,  TX  –The  creative  modern  jazz  quintet,  For  Now,will  launch  their  debut  album,  Elsewhere,on  May  18th,  2018.For  Now’s  musicblends  modern  jazz  harmony,  thought-provoking  lyrics,  and  intricate  melodies  to  create  a  nuanced  sound.Compositions  on  the  album  make  use  of  wordless  vocals,  counterpoint,  and  heavy  drum  grooves  to  create  cohesive  and  varied  arrangements.  Their  debut  album  is  dynamic,  carefully  weaving  improvisations  and  composed  material,  and  lookingfor  new  ways  of  unfolding  the  personal  experience.The  band’s  name,  For  Now,  is  a  reflection  on  the  ever-changing  nature  of  life,  and  its  dedication  to  representing  the  current  state  of  affairs,  both  personal  and  otherwise.  The  title  of  the  album  refers  to  a  non-tangible  place  removed  from  reality,  a  state  of  mind  that  consumes  you,preventsyou  frombeing  here  or  there,  and  takesyou  ‘elsewhere’.Composer  and  vocalist  of  the  group,  Isabel  Crespo  says,  “I  wanted  to  recreate  the  kindsof  moments  that  envelop  you  and  demand  your  attention,  and  display  thosethrough  every  aspect  of  the  music.”The  compositions  on  this  album  strive  to  examine  those  elusive  feelings  that  are  difficult  toexpress  through  words  alone.  Inklings  of  Crespo’s  experience  as  a  Costa  Rican-Ecuadorian-American  woman  are  scattered  throughout  the  album’s  11  tracks.  “Being  both  a  person  of  color  and  a  woman  in  the  United  States  brings  certain  challenges,  which  I  wanted  to  touch  upon  in  the  music,”  Crespo  states.  The  lyrics  in  “On  Color”  question  the  way  that  USsociety  perceives  people  based  on  their  skin  color.  It  gives  no  answersto  these  questions,  but  rather  exposes  the  way  thatprejudice  manifests  itself  in  subtle  ways.    Another  track,  “Caught  in  the  Double  Bind,”  speaks  to  thechallenges  of  being  a  woman  in  a  leadership  position.Whenassertive,they  are  often  labeled  as  merely  bossy,  and  when  they  express  kindnessthey  risk  beingdeemed  weak.  Throughout  the  album,  Crespo’s  compositions  touch  on  several  topics  relating  to  social  injustice,turning  complex  situations  into  musical  vignettes.  The  quintet  met  while  studying  at  the  University  of  North  Texas,  a  leader  injazz  education  worldwide.  Each  member  of  For  Now  is  a  skilled  musician  and  composer  in  their  own  right,  bringing  openness  and  versatility  to  the  project.  This  allows  the  ensemble  to  seamlessly  fluctuate  between  intimate  ballads  and  aggressive  up-tempo  compositions.  The  current  lineup,  which  is  slightly  different  than  the  band  on  the  album,  includes  Isabel  Crespo  on  vocalsand  composition,  Skyler  Hill  on  guitar,  Ben  McDonald  on  piano,  Mike  Luzecky  on  bass,  and  Jonny  Harmon  on  drum  set.In  addition  to  the  quintet,  Crespo  arranged  several  songs  on  the  album  to  include  woodwinds,  brass,  percussion,  and  additional  vocals.The  album  artwork  for  Elsewhere,  which  Crespo  designed,  is  meant  to  be  an  extension  of  the  music  itself.  Additionally,  shecreated  a  setof  collages  -one  for  each  song  on  the  record  -to  be  sold  separately  as  prints  that  visually  guide  the  listener  through  the  entire  album.  “I’m  a  very  visual  person.  I  wanted  to  express  the  compositions  both  sonically  and  graphically  to  better  convey  the  meaning  behind  each  piece,”  Crespo  explains.The  quintet  is  currently  planning  a  summer  tour  in  support  of  the  new  album,  during  which  they  will  be  stopping  in  14  cities  along  the  east  coast.

Isabel Crespo and For Now

"For Now with this novel production will undoubtedly reach the hearts of all; 

the exquisite Isabel Crespo with her divine voice and charisma leads with sapience 
this modernist jazz band" Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Global Beat


FOR NOW Notes:
For Now is  a  creative  modern  jazz  quintet  led  by  vocalist/composer  Isabel  Crespo.  They  blend  intricate  melodies,  heavy  drum  grooves,  and  thought-provoking  lyrics  to  create  a  nuanced  sound.  Their  music  often  examinessocial  injustice  through  a  poetic  lens,  turning  complex  situations  into  musical  vignettes.The  quintet  met  while  studying  at  the  University  of  North  Texas,  a  leader  in  jazz  education  worldwide,  and  in  2016,  the  project  was  born.  Each  member  of  For  Nowisa  skilled  musician  and  composer  in  their  own  right,  and  brings  openness  and  versatility  to  the  project.  This  allows  the  ensemble  to  seamlessly  fluctuate  between  intimate  ballads  and  aggressive  up-tempo  compositions.  Their  performances  are  dynamic,  carefully  weaving  improvisations  and  composed  material,  and  striving  for  new  ways  of  unfolding  the  personal  experience.The  group  will  be  releasing  their  debut  album,  Elsewhere,  in  Spring  2018.  Although  For  Now’s  music  can  undoubtedly  be  categorized  as  jazz,  it  wears  its  classical  and  popular  music  influences  proudly.  Unconstrained  by  genre,  Elsewherecombines  wordless  vocals,  counterpoint,  and  modern  jazz  harmony  to  create  cohesive  and  varied  arrangements.  The  album  features  Isabel  Crespo  on  
vocals  and  composition,  Skyler  Hill  on  electric  guitar,  Gregory  Santa  Croce  on  piano,  Mike  Luzecky  on  upright  and  electric  bass,  and  Connor  Kent  on  drum  set  and  percussion.  In  addition  to  the  quintet,  Crespo  arranged  several  songs  to  include  woodwinds,  brass,  percussion,  and  additional  vocals.  For  Now’sdebut  albumis  a  reflection  on  the  ever-changing  nature  of  life,  and  it  seeks  to  represent  the  current  state  of  affairs,  both  personal  and  otherwise.The  group’s  current  line-up  includes:Isabel  Crespo  |  Vocals  &  CompositionSkyler  Hill  |  Guitar  Ben  McDonald  |  Keyboard Mike  Luzecky  |  Bass  Jonny  Harmon  |  Drumset  

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New CD Fred Farell "Distant Song", Upcoming Live Appearance

New CD
Fred Farell
"Distant Song"
Fred Farell Sings the Music of Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach
+ Upcoming Live Appearance

What The Press Is Saying About
Fred Farell
"Distant Song"
Fred Farell Sings the Music of Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach

" Fred Farell's new CD is rewarding...adding to the Jazz Vocal Repertoire.
His singing is warm, quietly expressive, and really gets into the messages of the songs.
...Fans will find much to enjoy on this rewarding set."
Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist/Historian

"The mood of the Program is dark blue, solemn, and well matched to Fred's Baritone, and the accompanying Instrumentation...with Farell writing all the Lyrics."
D. Oscar Groomes: O's NOTES - O's Place Preview

"...FARELL is the real deal in terms of Sincerity, his voice speaks authority as does the tender Truth expressed in his Lyrics...and musical arrangements...A performance that regularly stops your tracks..."
Stephen Graham/MARLBANK

"I give Fred, and his fellow master (musicians) an energy quotient rating of 4.99 for this CD.
...One of the strongest Jazz Vocal performances I've listened to yet in 2018."
Rotcod Zzaj (Dick Metcalf Associates/"Contemporary Fusion Reviews)

"Listening to Farell is like stepping back in Time, to mid-20th Century America, when Jazz and Romance were popular. His Sounscapes are like Odes to Love...Farell's "Distant Song" provides enough soothing sounds for listeners to ponder the Human condition...
He is joined by Dave Liebman on soprano & tenor Saxophones, and by Richie Beirach on acoustic Piano."  Dodie Miller-Gould, Lemon Wire

Fred Farell "Distant Song"
(Whaling City Sound WCS 103)
Street Date: January 26, 2018
Fred Farell sings the music of Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach 

Fred Farell Voice
Dave Liebman Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Wooden Recorder
Richie Beirach-Acoustic Piano

Upcoming Live Appearance

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Violinist Ma*JiD - "Sound Of A Flower" Album Release Show on April 14 at National Sawdust


Sound Of A Flower

Album Release Party
Saturday, April 14
National Sawdust
 - NYC   
Saturday, April 14
Performance 7-9pm
National Sawdust
80 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Three time Downbeat Rising Jazz violinist Ma*JiD ecstatically celebrates the release of his newest album, Sound Of A Flower. The culmination of an eight year journey, Ma*JiD will perform selections from the album joined by special guests Squala Orphan (Brooklyn MC/Guru's Jazzmatazz Alum), Sfumato Symphony Orchestra, and Cyrus Aaron (acclaimed Poet/ Activist/TV Personality).
Ma*JiD's music is defined by its angelic string sounds, aboriginal electric bass grooves, lush harmonic textures layered with a combination of acoustic/electric sounds and its heavy hip-hop influenced drums. The album itself is music that chronicles the development of jazz music from a New Orleans juke joint, a highly technical musical view of a modern city, a gospel bound violin with orchestra in a great hall and a socially conscience street anthem with the trap music swag to match.      
The evening will leave listeners looking inward, outward and to the dance floor.

Ma*Jid Video Link
Ma*JiD - Forever More (ft. Squala Orphan)
"Majid has a unique blend of improvisation, groove and technical sophistication" -Wynton Marsalis

"He really plays the language of jazz" -T.S. Monk

"The Most Killing Jazz Violinist Out Now" -Antonio Hart

"Taking jazz violin in a new direction" -John Blake Jr.

Sound Of A Flower release date: April 20

Ma*JiD contact:

Ma*JiD website:

Ma*Jid EPK
Ma*JiD Sound Of A Flower

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Gabriele Tranchina "Of Sailing Ships And The Stars In Your Eyes" CD Release Party @The Falcon Wednesday April 11th 8:00pm

CD Release Party
The Falcon
1348 US-9W, Marlboro, NY 12542
Wed April 11
8:00PM to 10:00pm

Gabriele Tranchina, voice
Joe Vincent Tranchina,  piano
Andy Eulau bass
Tani Tabbal,  drums


Deb Burke's Interview
Gabriele Tranchina
On A Jazzy Blog
The Moon Rises with Gabriele Tranchina
What The Press:

"Gabriele Tranchina is a shocking and emotional singer, she is able to make vibrate in various genres of jazz. His character, his personal stamp is appreciated by all. This CD reaffirms his continuous artistic growth"
Luis Raul Montell, jazz Global Beat and Jazz Caribe

“Gabriele surprises with her ability to hold steady notes that other singers might artificially push down to make smoky, or force up to sound light. All of Tranchina’s notes sound right and expertly turned. None of the notes sound as though the singer has strained to reach them. In short, she doesn’t make a grating sound. 
Tranchina’s work flows easily from one cultural to the next. Each piece of the instrumentation meshes with the other, and none of it overwhelms the singer. That is important; the album remains one of vocal jazz and listeners get a chance to hear who the singer is, as shown through the work.”
▪ Doudie Miller-Gould, Lemonwire
A world artist, a jazz vocalist, a creative interpreter, a heavenly sound, a woman with a unique view of music, the world, and of singing.  This is just a small description of songbird Gabriele Tranchina.  She brings to her music a worldview -- using music as a force for wholeness, a source of unity and energy for all.

Setting sail into oceans of music, drawing from the world’s beauty and versatility.

A sailing ship is sure to encounter various adventures in its travels -- sunshine, storms, calm waters, and high waves. Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes is a varietal musical adventure that sparkles with shining vocals by a respected world vocalist of broad tastes and distinctive experiences, the amazing Gabriele Tranchina.

Each cut found on Of Sailing Ships and The Stars in Your Eyes (Rainchant Eclectic Records, RER1001, Oct 2017) is a side trip to a new destination. Bossa, Latin, swing, ballads, a 7/4, improv.... sadness, hope, joy, relationships, the future... all are there. We are again reminded of how much music is a true and accurate reflection of life itself. Gabriele sets foot on many shores, singing in 5 languages and a vocalese on the 7/4  “A Song for India”. This CD is a progression of her desire to explore music and rhythms from different cultures.

Gabriele Tranchina, vocalist, is joined on this album by her husband pianist, composer and arranger, Joe Vincent Tranchina, who fills the tunes with unusual textures and shapes, guiding the high-level musicians in the band. His tastes, too, are complex and unexpected and the arrangements add an enormous richness to the overall impact of the individual tunes and the entire album.

The other musicians in the band Carlo De Rosa (bass), Grammy award winning Vince Cherico (drums) and Renato Thoms (percussion) each give a distinctive flavor with their individual specialties, contributing unique aspects to each melody and rhythm. Whenever a group of musicians of this highest level gathers, the music they spontaneously create is impossible to categorize or even capture in words. Only listening will truly reveal what has been sculpted as it arose in each moment.

¡¡Amor & Jazz!!