martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

Some moments , in photos, of Latin Jazz !

In our humble concept one of the genres that captivates and captures more attention is the Latin Jazz.
It's fun, lively, varied Latin Jazz, of course the performers are sought all over the globe, even in the most distant countries of the Americas to enjoy this genre that's so everybody head.
Live performances are more than eloquent communication of musician and public, all enjoying something that God gave us and the man has managed to give useful for peace, love and make life enjoyable.
The Latin Jazz is one of the most exciting rhythms is known and the number of followers grows barbarously, no limits no passion for this wonderful genre that has had great promoters, creators and is now satisfactory for everyone, even for those who physically are not, to our music and musicians achieve high levels of preference.
¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz
Luis Raul Montell

 Bobby Sanabria and Manhattan School Music Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz Orchestra in Tribute Rafael Hernández composer boricua.
John Santos, congas and líder Machete, with Orestes Vilato and Paul Waggeninger.
 Dave Valentin ever happy with his flaute, a master.One of his last performances soon returns to the scene.
 Mongorama with "Baila Que Baila" is another success of Jose Rizo and all his All Stars: Danilo Lozano and Justo Almario, among them.
Here they are in full action in Jazz Festival recently.


 This photo corresponds to the meeting in Dax (France) of the cousins ​​Ramon Valley (piano) and Orlando 'Maraca' Valle.

Bobby Matos, timbalero and band leader, great representative of Latin Jazz with his group.

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