jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

What would Happen If Exist Today Dizzy?

In his early years as a musician he worked with the big bands of Cab Calloway and Earl Fatha Hines, while in 1945 he collaborated with saxophonist Charlie Parker, with whom he recorded some of the most revolutionary themes in the history of jazz. They met in Kansas City, in a hotel room and could not fail to touch, as did Dizzy about this encounter: "twin ideas we had and it was difficult to differentiate what came from me of what was coming from it". This meeting was born the bebop, with memorable performances in the Minton's bar. Racing Parker and Dizzy, followed separate ways: while the first was unmatched in small formations, Gillespie offered their best against large formations. While Parker has suffered marginalization, Gillespie became one of the best-known figures of the jazz. His fame grew with his strong personality and his personal shows are highlighting their ability for the scat, Central American percussion instruments and his public appearances are notably his candidacy to the Presidency of the United States in 1964.

Por elsewhere, he was one of the first jazz musicians which integrate in 1947 to play Afro-Cuban jazz created by Mario Bauzá and the Machito Orchestra in 1943, so it went beyond U.S. borders and was interned in world music quickly.

Next to the conga player "Chano" Pozo Gillespie put to enjoy the people with their sizzling pace that already began to spread as Latin Jazz.
Fue guardian of one of the most great trumpeters in the history: Arturo Sandoval and many others.
The wise attitude of Gillespie grew even more our genre musical, which already reached favorite everywhere. There was no Festival in the world where it was not our music, but all this growth of Latin Jazz has unleashed a series actions and absurd positions that we have been beating with flavor, joy and giving the best music.
He was a visionary in the Musical art and knew how to carry with strength, skill, talent Latin Jazz everywhere, even settle and directed the Orchestra of the United Nations and is the video we bring you and think: what would happen if exist today Dizzy? look how many latinos are in this wonderful training and flavor that permeates. Was simply exciting to see this live presentation that year and we want to enjoy it again:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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