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Steve Cromity CD Release for "All My Tomorrows" @ the MILK RIVER CAFE Sun., Mar. 22nd

Steve Cromity
CD Release for
"All My Tomorrows"
Sunday, March 22nd


Steve Cromity-vocals
Marcus Persiani-piano
Eric Lemon-bass
Dwayne "Coke" Broadnax-drums
Eric Wyatt-tenor sax
Kenyatta Beasley-trumpet
Patience Higgins-reeds and flute

960 Atlantic Ave.
Between Washington and Grand Ave.
3 blocks from Barclays Center
Brooklyn NY

Artist Website: www.stevecromity.com
Release Date: MARCH 3, 2015
UP Code: 040232190667

Track listing, track times 
1. Old Devil Moon 5:08 
2. When Lights Are Low 3:33 
3. All My Tomorrows 5:29 
4. Sugar 4:16 
5. My Little Boat 3:34 6. Where Do You Start 6:23 
7. Jeannine 3:42 
8. How Little We Know 3:08 
9. I Was Telling Her 5:30 
10. Without A Song 3:40

Steve Cromity –vocals, Patience Higgins-reeds & flute, Kenyatta Beasley-trumpet, Eric Wyatt-tenor sax Marcus Persiani-piano & music director Eric Lemon-bass, Darryl Green-drums 

Producer: Rob Crocker Executive Producer: Steve Cromity Sound Engineer:
Michael Brorby
Mixed and recorded at: Acoustic Sound Recording, 279 Sterling Place, Brooklyn Recorded on: June, 17, 18 2014 Sound Engineer: Michael Brorby 

This is my second CD, it’s a recording of some of my favorite songs. They include a variety of standards, most of them firmly established in the jazz genre. My choice of the upbeat tunes was based on their natural swinging rhythm, and I love to swing. I chose the ballads because I can feel the lyrics composed by the song writers. I consider them poignant and touching. 

Then there are two other selections, one a really beautiful Bossa (“My Little Boat”), which is just so romantic, and the other (“How little We Know”), gives some important insight into the nature of human relations. I’m proud to say that this music we call jazz is a passion for me, as I know it is for many others. 

I believe this CD upholds the best tradition of the music, by way of a quality production. Certainly, my band gave me all the support I needed and I was blessed to have had some of the baddest cats with me on the NYC scene today. I was particularly honored to have special guests Patience Higgins, Kenyetta Beasley, and Eric Wyatt (my nephew) commanding the horn section on the date. Their addition to my regular world-class rhythm section of Marcus Persiani, Eric Lemon, and Darrell Green made the session a joy. In addition, Michael Broby’s recording studio ensured that the sound was done right. Finally, the orchestration of our studio sessions and much of the success of this project was due to Rob Crocker, radio personality on WBGO-FM. Enjoy! 




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