lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

The romantic singer Michelle Lordi release their second CD "Drive" and concert!

With a voice pleasing to the connoisseur of the elegant 30’s & 40’s era girl singers, yet surprisingly modern in its clarity and emotion, Michelle’s drive to create innovative music has her poised to become the jazz scene’s new sweetheart .

The lineup of musicians on Drive ( Grammy nominated Orrin Evans, Tom Lawton, Larry McKenna, Dan Monaghan and Madison Rast) belies that this is no ordinary “me- too” jazz vocalist. Over the past few years, Michelle has lead bands featuring these stellar talents heard here on Drive. An upswell of recognition and avid audience appreciation keeps Michelle head lining jazz venues.

In the process of collecting the songs for Drive, Michelle drew upon her long time passion for Victorian cabinets of wonder, an interest stemming from her background in visual arts and science.

“Cabinet museums are collections without categorical boundaries. Artifacts can be organized in any way that is pleasing, to make a statement.”

Just like these whimsical cabinets of wonder, it is no accident that Drive (recorded live in the studio with the most minimal overdubs) became a reflection of her both modern and classic influences with an eclectic mix of songs. Still, a unifying thread loops throughout the album, brought to the surface in her cool, clear voice and subtle phrasing.

“Orrin Evans encouraged me to choose the songs based on how much I loved to sing them. So there happens to be an 80’s pop song in there with the jazz standards.

“As it turns out, to me all these songs express a great longing or loss. I guess that’s what was in my ‘cabinet’ when we made this album.” 

“Drive" is dedicated to those I’ve lost and especially for those who loved them. These recent losses made me realize how important it is to celebrate and share what we have- NOW- and drives me forward to make music . I hope those who listen can be brought comfort and maybe even some inspiration in these songs.”

Ten tracks up the CD "Drive" of Lordi Miss officially be available to all the July 24, 2015, but meanwhile can enjoy your next presentation in Abington Art Center in Jenkintown to The Cabinet of Wonder.

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