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FLAMENCO TANGO NEAPOLIS: A musical tour of Europe and America with a hint of Afrojazz

Flamenco Tango Neapolis | Viento

"It is exciting as these Italian musicians, led by Salvo Russo, manage to 
successfully merge genres and rhythms so different - flamenco, tango, folklore and an additive Neapolitan jazz - any melody running" - Luis Raul Montell, jazzglobalbeat.blogspot.com

The CD: 
Flamenco Tango Neapolis

Salvo Russo: piano, vocal, percussion
Marco Pescosolido: violoncello
Gianni Migliaccio: guitar flamenco, vocal, percussion
Agostino Oliviero: violin, guitar, oud arabo
Alessia Demofonti: dance, palmas flamenco
Massimiliano De Pasquale "El Bicho": dance, percussion, palmas flamenco
Natalia Cristofaro, Danilo Maddalena: dance tango argentino

Tracks: 1. Buleria Napulitana/Lo Guarracino; 2. A Mi Abuelo/Passione; 3. Rumba Marenara/Tres Notas para Decir Te Quiero; 4. Femmena; 5. Voce e Notte/Bahia Blanca; 6. Alegria por Airis/Era de Maggio; 7. Viento/Cerasella; 8. Arrassusia; 9. Solealma/Mandulinata a Napule; 10. A voce e na Bruna/Mandulinata a Napule

VIENTO is the title of the new album Flamenco Tango Neapolis: a "traveling music" that departs from Naples to the discovery of an "other" South, of its traditions, of its energy and of its emotions.

The music (original compositions and arrangements of Salvo Russo) represent the essence of a contamination that browses ancient pages with a new look, creating original sounds, fine sounds and respecting tradition always.

And 'so that "Femmena" becomes the muse that inspires Pasion flamenco, that "Viento" recreates the atmosphere of the Argentine milongas and that "Buleria napulitana" bursts with all the energy of a true "juerga flamenco".

The colors of Naples, therefore, mixed with those of Andalusia and South America explode musically creating intense atmospheres enriched on staged by the magic of baile flamenco and Argentine tango.

VIENTO is a picture colorful, romantic and suggestive that is revealed through art and music that captures the mind and heart of the listener on a journey to be experienced!

Flamenco Tango Neapolis is an exciting art project, founded in 2009 and directed by Salvo Russo (Neapolitan musician and composer), joining Italy, Spain and Argentina in a fascinating "musical trip."

The identity of the project is the Neapolitan Song, cradle of history, culture and traditions, that meeting the Flamenco and the Argentine tango, integrates them into an original contamination of styles that recognize Naples as "the Soul" that welcomes them, that blends them and with boldness sublimates them.

The ensemble consists of an acoustic quartet of multi-instrumentalists and musicians that includes: piano, percussion, cello, two guitars, violin, oud Arabic and two voices.

Notes of Salvo Russo:
In 1998 he graduated in piano at the Conservatory "S. Pietro a Majella "of Naples under the guidance of Marisa Carretta. He attended the course of preparation for the concert scene with Aldo Ciccolini and performed in concerts as a soloist and in chamber ensembles. He has participated in important national piano competitions, winning numerous awards and gaining critical acclaim and audience. He studied piano with David Peña Dorantes flamenco the "Escuela International de Musica Clasica y Flamenco" Utrera. E 'founder and artistic director of TANGO FLAMENCO NEAPOLIS (FTN), a project that, through music, dance and theater, combining the sounds of classic Neapolitan tradition with those of' Andalusia and South America in an original contamination styles.

He collaborated with Samuel Peron, Samanta Togni, Mvula Sungani Company, Mariano Manzella, Ricardo Diaz, Carmen Gamero, Maite Olivares, Rosa Garcia Angeles Clavijo, Caterina Lucia Costa, Sergio Javier Alejandro Villaescusa, Camerata Instrumental Bell, William Walton Foundation, Ondanueve String Quartet, Trio Harmonius, SOS, Raffaella De Simone and many others. He has participated in several festivals and national and international including: Ankara Flamenko Festival (Turkey), Tango Flamenco Jazz (Rome), Capristo Day in Sundern (Germany), La Mama Open Spoleto (Spoleto), Itali @ rte Aventine ( Rome), Music & Arena Duels Harmonics (Milan), MusicalmentEstate (Chieti), Festival of Ethnic Music (Civitavecchia), Tropea Music Festival (Tropea) and many others.

In 2010 he created the show with FTN "Encanto" which is staged in several Italian opera houses including the Teatro Sannazzaro of Naples, the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca, the Auditorium GGFF dell 'Aquila, the Cassia Theatre and Teatro Argot in Rome, the Theatre of Ricomposti of Anghiari. The album of the same title "Encanto" is presented and disseminated by various radio stations in Italy, Holland and America. In 2013 began the promotion of the new show "Viento" (which he wrote) that debuted in May at the Teatro Sannazzaro of Naples.

He was trained in music therapy at year course of CEP Assisi and at the SFOM Aosta. He attended a training course in Teaching Method Orff Schulwerk music and many other workshops, seminars and training courses on music education and music therapy. Enchanted by the sounds and rhythms of the natural body, he specialized in techniques of Body Percussion, researching the various modes of production / rhythmic sound. He writes music pieces for the body and keeps Internships and Body Percussion Workshops and Theater of Rhythm throughout Italy, working with various schools, associations and academies of music, art and entertainment Italian. He has been teaching for over 15 years and is the author of many pieces of music for children.

Recently its collaboration with Alma Edizioni teachers' education through the Body percussion and with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens. He has designed and implemented SOUND AND SENSE, a cultural association which manages and coordinates the activities, initiatives and projects related to teaching, music and the show

FLAMENCO TANGO NEAPOLIS - Encanto (Auditorium Parco della Musica)

www.flamencotangoneapolis.com                                www.salvo-russo.com


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