jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Timbazo and Cabo Cuba Jazz concerts from tomorrow!


TIMBAZO (Cuba, Colombia)
CABOCUBAJAZZ (Cape Verde, Cuba)

Timbazo Productions
phone, whatsapp: +3145534519
Rotterdam  |  The Netherlands
18-03-16 Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda
23-03-16 De Observant, Amersfoort
20-04-16 De Observant, Amersfoort
04-05-16 Ali-Theater,
Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany
01-05-16 De Observant, Amersfoort
14-05-16 Jazz in Duketown, Den Bosch
18-06-16 Bühne am Markplatz, Matinee, Homburg a/d Saar, Germany
16-07-16 Israel t.b.a.
17-07-16 Israel t.b.a.
18-07-16 Israel t.b.a.
19-07-16 Zappa Jerusalem, Israel
20-07-16 Modiin, Israel
21-07-16 Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
22-07-16 Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
23-07-16 Haifa, Israel
05-08-16 Freepsum - Gulfhof, Germany
07-10-16 Schouwburg, Amstelveen
22-01-17 Schouwburg
De Harmonie, Leeuwarden
26-01-17 Huizen, De Boerderij
27-01-17 Voorburg, Theater Luden
10-03-17 Hellevoetsluis,
Theater Twee Hondjes
05-05-17 World Youth Jazz Festival [WYJF], Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
06-05-17 World Youth Jazz Festival
07-05-17 World Youth Jazz Festival 

Timbazo received worldwide 4-5 star reviewsfor their new album Rumberos a Montón’. They performed at many prestigious Festivals/venues: North Sea Jazz Festival [mainstage], Festival Mundial, Bimhuis, De Doelen, RASA, Rotterdam Unlimited, Latin Village, Norway Salsa Festival, Royal Tropical Institute... 

TIMBAZO presents an explosive and highly danceable, unique blend of Salsa, Cuban timba & jazz. 
Musicians from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, Curaçao, Holland, USA & Puerto Rico. All reside in The Netherlands.

Territory of Booking: world available all year, 12 musicians


CaboCubaJazz garnered worldwide plauditswith their latest CD ‘Rikeza y Valor’ and the new album is about to be released! They perform all over the world: Havana Jazz Plaza Festival, Bangkok Jazz Festival, Norway, Viersen Jazz Festival, Samui Jazz, Canada, Finland, Malaysia, Israel, Luxembourg & Austria. Constantly touring in Germany and in The Netherlands.

CABOCUBAJAZZ blends lively Cuban rhythms with dreamy melodies from the Cape Verde islands and jazz.
Musicians from Cape Verde, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, Spain & Puerto Rico. All reside in The Netherlands.

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

www.timbazo.com               www.cabocubajazz.com


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