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These are the next upcoming performances of "Mr. Violin Criollo" Ali Bello in New York City!

Dear friends, come and join us for our last performance of our residency at
Club Bonafide for the summer!
It's going to be a blast with special guest and virtuoso Jorge Glem on the Venezuelan Cuatro. 
I'll be also performing at Central Park @ the Harlem Meer Fest. and much more.
Don't miss it!!!

Alí Bello 
& The Sweet Wire Band
w/ special guest Jorge Glem - Venezuelan Cuatro

Club Bonafide
 Last performance for the summer!
Sat, Jun. 18th
@ 7:30 to 8:45 pm
212 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022.
(click pictures for more info)
Alí Bello &
The Latin Jazz Liaisons

Alí Bello - violin
Baden Goyo - piano
Abraham Saenz - bass
Daniel Prim - percussion

Bliss Plaza Music Fest
Thur, July. 21th @ 6:00 pm
(click picture below to see website)

Alí Bello 
& The Sweet Wire Band

Harlem Meer
Performance Festival

Sunday, Aug. 21st  from 2:00 to 4:00 pm
(click pictures for more info)
Performing w/ Charanga América at
Lincoln Center Midsummer Night Swing

July 1st @ 7:30 pm.
Performing w/
The DavidL Band
The Hudson River Performing Arts Center Summer Concerts

Aug. 17th at 7:00 pm
 Upcoming performances with...
w/ Musical Encounters Orch. @ Lehman College - 06/16 to 18
Alí Bello & The Sweet Wire Band @ Club Bonafide - 06/18
w/ Típica '73 @ West Gate Lounge - 06/25
w/ Charanga América @ Lincoln Center - 07/01
w/ Orq. Broadway @ World Fair Marina - 07/02
w/ SonSublime @ Resort World Casino - 07/05
w/ La Charanga Pacha @ Las Palmas - 07/09
Brazilian Ensemble @ Flatiron Room - 07/14
w/ Típica '73 @ Resort World Casino - 07/19
Alí Bello & The Latin Jazz Liaisons @ Bliss Plaza - 07/21
w/ Típica '73 @ Orchard Beach - 08/07
w/ Típica '73 @ Hudson Valley Resort - 08/13
Alí Bello & The Sweet Wire Band @ Harlem Meer Fest. - 08/21
w/ Típica '73 @ Empire City Casino - 08/21

and much more!
Check out my website at 
www.alibello.com for a full schedule
Radio France Internationale
A review of my music and work by
Radio France Internationale in celebration of my participation at Tempo Latino Festival
at Vic Fezensac, France w/ 

Típica '73 and Orquesta Broadway.
To listen to the interview click here
Thanks to Florencia Valdés & María Carolina Piña of RFI 

Alí Bello
"Connection Caracas - New York"

(ZOHO ZM 201313)
In CD stores, iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon

Alí Bello - acoustic & elec. violin
Luis Perdomo - piano
Juancho Herrera - guitar & cuatro
Javier Olivencia - tenor & soprano sax
Luques Curtis - upright bass
Willie Martínez - drum set & güiro
Álvaro Benavides - bass
Raúl Agraz - trumpet & flugelhorn
Neil Ochoa - kitiplá & culo'e puya
Leonardo Granados - voice & maracas
Sean Kupisz - bass
José Moreno - cajón & palmas
Pedro Cortés - guitar

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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