domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

These are the 15 recommendations of Jazz Global Beat on CD for 1st. half 2016:

Juan GarciaHerreros 'Snow Owl
-The Blue Road

Hadar Noiberg - From The Ground Up

Daley-Smith-Robinson - The Tuba Trio Chronicles

Tyler Greenfield - Sunday Bolero
Lina Orfano - Essentially Ella
Mary D'Orazi - To Brazil and Bacharach A Tibute

Billie Davies - Hand in Hand in The Hand of the Moon

Fahir Atakoglu - Live at Umbria Jazz
Hugo Fernandez- Cosmogram
Beverly Ritz - Blues for Django

Hristov Vitchev - In Search of Wonder
Jessica Jones - Moxie

Mark Fox -  Three Octaves Above the Sun

Roberto Magris - Need to Bring Cut Love

Kinga - Guess Who I Saw Today

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