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"Message From Saturn" Heads To Russia - Jazz Drama Program Does Sun Ra!!

Sun Ra Heads To Russia!
Euro-Asian Premiere 
November 19
"Message From Saturn"

A Space Odyssey
'I just got a message from Saturn. We are not playing enough blues!'
- Sun Ra


"Saxophonist Knoel Scott told me Sun Ra came into rehearsal and said,

'I just got a message from Saturn. We are not playing enough blues!' 
I thought about this for ten years, then joined up with Clifford Carlson to write this story." 
- Eli Yamin

Eli Yamin and friends bring the Blues to Russia for the Euro-Asian premiere of "Message From Saturn" in Yekaterinburg on November 19!

As the poster reads:
"Message From Saturn" - a joint Russian-American project in Yekaterinburg!

On November 19 the jazz musical "Message From Saturn" will premiere at the Ural Cultural Center!

The authors of the musical, Eli Yamin and Clifford Carlson (United States, New York), created this great project with educational purpose - to introduce the younger generation to the traditional jazz music of America presented in the Blues style.  Young students from the exemplary theatre collective Commonwealth Farandole, ages 10-17, will be acting, singing and dancing with dialogue in Russian and songs in English.

A jazz orchestra will support them featuring professional musicians of the Yekaterinburg-Jazz band and a string section led by the author himself musical - New York jazz pianist and composer Eli Yamin. Eli's arrival is specially organized by the Consulate General of the United States in Yekaterinburg in collaboration with the New York based non profit organization, The Jazz Drama Program.

The Director of a musical - Tatiana Levin
Choreographer - Cristina Pantykina 
Conductor/pianist - Eli Yamin
* * * 

Message From Saturn is A Space Odyssey of three young people on a galactic adventure to learn the healing power of The Blues. The musical was created for mission of The Jazz Drama Program.

The Jazz Drama Program is a non-profit organization that builds more imaginative, diverse and compassionate communities through education in jazz music, dance and theatre. 
The Jazz Drama Program trains teachers and students in a multi-discipline approach to jazz education, offers intergenerational and cross cultural performances and creates unique musicals written on socially relevant themes especially for young performers.

The Jazz Drama Program engages, inspires, and empowers young people through the jazz arts. Jazz arts for a better world!

Full PDF, click here.  
The CD of Message From Saturn, recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City was 
produced for The Jazz Drama Program by Jeff "The Jedi Master" Jones and performed by 
Eli Yamin and the Astro-Intergenerational Arkestra featuring Camille Thurman, Todd Williams, Big Nancy, the PubliQuartet and Zah! Jazz Youth.

According to the Director of the Sun Ra Archive, Michael "Dr. Bop" Anderson,
  "If we truly give our children the chance by providing them with the tools they need to work without the infliction of prejudice or indifference, they will intuitively begin to develop and begin making the necessary changes the world needs. Their creative efforts will affect the continual and generational development of humanity, the upkeep of the planet and universe. It is the creative principle for the prosperity of a universal future. The children have always held the keys (answers). I applaud the efforts of The Jazz Drama Program to make these ideas come to life in our time."

Jazz Drama Program website, click here.
Eli Yamin contact, click here:

Photo 1, Eli Yamin at Avatar (by Nisha Sondhe)
Photo 2, Zah! Jazz Youth at Avatar (by Ernest Gregory)
Photo 3, Todd Williams at Avatar (by Nisha Sondhe)

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