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Jared Gold “Reemergence” CD Release Shows

Jared Gold – organ 
Dave Stryker - guitar
Billy Hart - drums
Joel Frahm - tenor sax

Friday & Saturday August 24-25

83 W 10th St
New York, NY 10014


Jared Gold “Reemergence”
(Strikezone Records 8817) 

Jared Gold - Hammond B3 organ, Dave Stryker-guitar, Billy Hart - drums, Jeremy Pelt - trumpet, flugelhorn  

DownBeat Magazine Editor's Pick

Bobby Reed
Most jazz fans have encountered the unfortunate scenario of being thrilled by the names on an album cover but then being disappointed by the music. That is definitely not the case with the new leader project from Jared Gold, which showcases the versatile organist and his all-star band: guitarist Dave Stryker, drummer Billy Hart and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt. Stryker, who also produced the album, has a 14-year history with Gold, and his simpatico rapport with the organist spices up the proceedings, as each musician frequently adds clever coloration when the other is unleashing a sturdy solo. Hart—whose subtle brushwork is just as mesmerizing as his powerful stick-work in this program—demonstrates the mastery that has made him a legend. Pelt, who adds potent brass to three tracks, elevates this disc: Without him, these sessions might have yielded a memorable trio disc, but with him on board, the result is one of the strongest straightahead discs of the year thus far.

This band certainly can burn, as evidenced by the title track (which was penned by the leader), but a poignant reading of The Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home” reflects Gold’s ability to tug at the listener’s heartstrings with a melancholy mood. Gold has curated a wonderful, eclectic program that features two Gershwin tunes (“It Ain’t Necessarily So,” “How Long Has This Been Going On”), Ornette Coleman’s “Blues Connotation,” Stevie Wonder’s “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love” (from 1972’s Talking Book) and “One For John A,” a swinging, original tribute to the late guitar icon John Abercrombie, with whom the organist worked for years. Gold and Stryker can ignite fireworks at will, but on this rendition of “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” both musicians coax a vocal timbre out of their respective axes. Nicely done, gentlemen.

Jeff Know-Audiophile Audition

...this is a CD that will be loved by Hammond fans, and highlights Gold’s talents as both a creative organist as well as arranger. His talents have matured and hopefully we’ll see more exploratory efforts from Jared well into the future.

Dick Metcalf  contemporaryfusionreviews.com
Jared Gold hoppin’ Hammond B3 jazz Jared Gold – REEMERGENCE:  Without doubt, Jared is one of THE best Hammond B3 jazz players .

Dee Dee McNeil LA Jazz Musical Memoirs
Billy Hart, on drums, fuels the first and title tune, “Reemergence” composed by the featured artist, Jared Gold. Gold is a fresh, jazz -organ, recording artist making waves on the East Coast. This is his eighth recording, and he’s surrounded himself with a group of excellent musicians to support his musical concepts. Dave Stryker is not only a proficient guitarist, but a record producer with his own label, a composer and a very busy New York musician. Drummer, Billy Hart, is legendary and was once the drummer of choice with the great Jimmy Smith. Trumpeter, Jeremy Pelt, is a refreshing addition to the organ trio. The first thing that stands out about Jared Gold is his ability to take familiar songs like Stevie Wonder’s “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love’ or the Lennon/McCartney standard, “She’s Leaving Home” and turn them into harmonically fresh works of art. Gold’s creativity with harmonics is formidable. Gold started out as a piano player, but quickly found his expressive niche on the organ. He was born in Englewood, New Jersey February 27, 1980 and has worked extensively with Oliver Lake and John Abercrombie. This ninth album as a leader solidifies his unique approach to his instrument and his excursions into arrangements that are unique, like the title tune that roots itself in an unusual fourteen-bar blues pattern. On the tune, “Sweet Sweet Spirit” he takes us to church. Songs like “Ornette Coleman’s Blues Connotations” show the listener that he can groove with the best of them and also gives Hart an opportunity to break free and exuberantly solo on the drums. Jared Gold comes into sight and prominence once more, just like the title of this CD proclaims.

Jonathan Widran JWVIBE
Recently voted the Top Rising Star on organ in an annual Downbeat poll, NYC based B-3 visionary Jared Gold fashions a dynamic through line to the generation of jazz organ that inhabits his muse by including, on his Strikezone debut Reemergence, legendary drummer Billy Hart, who got his start in the 60s with Jimmy Smith.

Ensembling again with guitarist Dave Stryker (who also produced), and adding trumpeter Jeremy Pelt to the fold, Gold creates an explosive melodic and rhythmic master class on the organ’s wide-ranging possibilities. He re-imagines Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Gershwin, an Ornette Coleman blues classic and a renowned church song – but saves his most imaginative expressions for his easy swinging tribute to John Abercrombie (who he played with for a few years) and Stryker’s adventurous closer “Nomad.”  

Jared Gold Notes:

Organist Jared Gold's emergence as one of the  New York area's most in-demand  musicians  comes from years  of dedication and respect to his instrument.  With  such notable     influ-ences as Larry Young , Jack McDuff, and Don Patterson to draw upon as a foundation, the emphasis on finding  his own voice has now clearly taken precedence and  required Gold to construct his own unique philosophy based on extending harmony and solidifying the groove. 
Gold's latest release, titled Metropolitan Rhythm (2015, Posi-Tone), features his working trio of veteran guitarist Dave     Stryker and up-and-coming drummer Kush Abadey.  Gold ties together big cities from New York to Sao Paulo with three new compositions and some wonderful remakes of familiar  songs by a broad spectrum of composers including Paul McCartney, Thelonious Monk, Filó Machado, and Joe  Henderson. 
Following the successes of his previous seven releases, all on Posi-Tone, Jared has accu-mulated  many accolades, including  winning the 2013 Rising Star  on Organ critics  poll in DownBeat Magazine. 
His first seven releases are Solids & Stripes (2008), Supersonic (2009), Out Of Line (2010), All
Wrapped Up (2011), Golden Child (2012), Intuition (2013), and
JG 3+3 (2014). 
With the powerful combination of his obvious talent, the blessings of an affable personality and his  unbelievable versatility and musicianship on the bandstand, Gold has  been pro-vided with the opportunity to work with  many established veterans and can be seen performing regularly  with his  own group and appearing steadily alongside in the working groups and recordings of John Abercrombie, Dave Stryker, Oliver Lake, Ralph Bowen and David Gibson. 
Gold, a New Jersey native and graduate of William Patterson

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