miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Attractive Showcase of Truth Revolution Records Sunday...Much Latin Jazz...gozalo!

This is the invitation that makes us reach for Truth Revolution Records Showcase next Sunday 12 wherein Jazz critics and specialists will be able to observe the exponents of this music label, dedicated especially to the executors of Latin Jazz, in all styles. Also will be several hours of excellent camaraderie for all!
Thanks and ¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!
Luis Raul Montell

You are invited to the TRrecords Showcase 


This Year TRrecords will presents some of their Grammy nominated world touring artists.

It occurs at the same time as the APAP convention on Sunday, Jan 12th 2014

Please feel free to stop in to see and meet these artists.

This is not an open show to the public but by invite only, so we hope you can show up or recommend this showcase to someone you know is coming to the APAP convention.

Thanks and hope to see you there! 

Aaron Burnett - 7:50PM
Mitch Frohman with the Curtis Brothers - 8:30PM

                                                        Carlos Abadie

Curtis Brothers - PHOTOSJG.COM

                       Curtis Brothers

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