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Some moments of the 2014 International Day of Jazz - Open Letter to the Organizers

Steve Turre and His Sanctified Shells
Lew Tabackin, James Jeuns and Claudio Roditi
Roberta Gambarini
Pete Escovedo

Open letter to the organizers of International Jazz Day





Dear Friends:

This communication is intended to congratulate the success that comes year after year reaching the " International Jazz Day" , for the effort and work , which of course has several functions , including: educate, disseminate and showcase the art of jazz.

For those who love Jazz every day this great music is part of our life.

We thank our humble words to their work , we honor and gives strength to continue supporting course from anywhere and while the Jazz and its people.

But I also like to take this opportunity to ask , with due advance, are served to review the growth that has taken the Latin Jazz, in all aspects : the variety of rhythms, the number of fans around the world , the interpretive quality of their performers, creativity and tremendous expansion of this subgenre of Jazz , which certainly shows one of the more cheerful mergers and improvisation in jazz.

It is true that Latin Jazz musicians are worldwide and in many scenarios, but really happy on this day for good music participation of Latin Jazz musicians performers must be greater, and that is our desire, many and it is our request.

Thank you very much for attention and are made ​​to order.

¡¡Amor y Jazz!!,

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!,

Luis Raul Montell (Oficial)

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