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Introducing Dot Time Records: Paul Jost, Julia Karusi, Chiara Izzi and more...!

Dot-Time Records is the new Jazz and World music label launched in 2012, Dot-Time releases feature exciting virtuoso artists, both established and newly discovered from around the globe.

The branding of Dot-Time Records can be found in the creativity, artistry, passion
and energy of these artists and musicians.
Paul Jost "Breaking Through” (Dot Time Records  DT9030) STREET DATE: Sept 15, 2014
Paul Jost (vocals, keyboards, guitar and body percussion), Frank Strauss-piano, Steve Varner-bass, Dan Monaghan-drums, Mark Adler-flute (Track 4), Jim Ridil-piano (Tracks 5 & 12), Tim Lekan-bass (Tracks 5 & 12), Bob Shomo-drums (Tracks 5, 7 & 12), Andy Lalasis-bass (Track 7), Tony Miceli-vibes Tracks 9 & 10),  and Kevin MacConnell-bass (Track 10), Keith Hollis-drums (Track 11), Phyllis Chapell-spoken word (Track 11)

Paul Jost is a rare talent and one of the best kept secrets in the jazz world. He is an eclectic artist with great skill as a vocalist, drummer, composer and arranger.

“Breaking Through” is his first solo release and features a well put together set of jazz standards, presented in a non-standard way.

The CD’s title “Breaking Through” is highly appropriate. On this release Paul breaks through every boundary, tradition and convention producing one of the most exciting jazz CD’s of the year.

Júlia Karosi "Hidden Roots” (Dot Time Records DT9028) STREET DATE: Sept 15, 2014
Júlia Karosi, Vocal | Áron Tálas, Piano, Vocal | Ádám Bögöthy, Bass | Bendegúz Varga, Drums | Tobias Meinhart, Tenor Saxophone | Linda Kovács, Vocal

Julia Karosi is one of Hungary’s top jazz vocalists. After graduating from the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Julia founded her own quartet in 2011. “Hidden Roots” is her second CD as a leader and the follow-up to the successful “Stroller of the City Streets” released in February, 2012.

“Hidden Roots” contain’s a number of Julia’s new compositions and as the name eludes to, arrangements of Hungarian folk songs. The compositions are beautifully and intelligently written, performed with great inspiration, crossing all boundaries of jazz.

Chiara Izzi  “Motifs” (Dot Time Records DT9026) STREET DATE: Sept 15, 2014
Chiara Izzi-vocals, Andrea Rea-piano, Nicola Corso-bass, Gino del Prete-drums

Dot Time Records is proud to release the debut CD “Motifs” from young Italian vocalist Chiara Izzi. Chiara caught the attention of Quincy Jones and was awarded 1st prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival Vocal Competition in 2011.

Chiara together with Andrea Rea (piano), Nicola Corso (bass) and Gino del Prete (drums) have put together a impressive set that not only show’s her versatility, but also leaves no doubt that she will become a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

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