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Brantford International Jazz Fest (Ontario, Canada) is the charming Eliana Cuevas

Eliana Cuevas performs Saturday, 13 September, 2014, 15:30-16:30 on the Bell - Brantford International Jazz Festival main stage. It's a free concert.  

Through years of touring all over the world, across Canada, and collaborating with Juno Award-winning artists, Eliana Cuevas has grown to become a singer and songwriter and leader of the band with unlimited colors in its palette of compositional and lyric. Among his honors are the national award for Jazz's Latin Jazz artist of the year (2009), a nomination for the best soloist world music in the prizes of the music Folk Canadian (2008), and the prize at the Toronto independent music to World Music Artist of the year (2007).  Born into a musical family in Venezuela, Cuevas was raised with the sounds of salsa, the joropo, pop and Brazilian music, writing his first song at the age of 9 after moving to Toronto, she bravely began to use a fake ID to play the city's leading jazz clubs despite being underage. Singing by Brazilian, flamenco and jazz ensembles influenced his eclectic sound on his debut EP Cohesion (2001) and the first two albums, Ventura (2004) and lives (2007). Her captivating voice and composition of songs on themes of forgiveness adventure captivated the local music scene, from caves as "Latin Music Queen of Canada" (680 News).    

 Acclaim internationally spread like caves played festivals and theatres in countries from Germany to Venezuela. After their second album life (2007), music minor released in Europe an anthology of his music: full moon (2009). Latino artists winner acted with Juno, Alex Cuba, Jesse Cook and Jane Bunnett. Cuevas is also collaborating with different formations as power Caribbean Jazz CaneFire, Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble, and the composer Darren Sigesmund jazz Juno-nominated, travelling as far afield as Australia and Japan.  

    His latest album "Espejo" (2013) is a true testimony to growth of caves as an artist. Formed by its international actions, working with artists and newfound motherhood, mirror perfectly combines genres from blues to pop with the signing of caves rising voices and the sound of Latin jazz. Ingenious producer and composer Jeremy Ledbetter played a key role in the promotion of caves to push their creative limits on the album, resulting in a musical journey eclectic and captivating.

"With"Espejo", won the prize for best album of Latin jazz (2014) for indepent Music Awards and achievements also in IMA nomination for best song with"Llego" from the same CD.

Now we can enjoy the melodious voice of Eliana and the theme "Llego", on the occasion of the launch of its "Espejo" CD:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz !!

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