jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014

New Release: Tim Ferguson "Inside/Out Hold That Thought!” + Why Not Jazz Room NYC

New Release:
Tim Ferguson
"Inside/Out Hold That Thought!”

Tim Ferguson- bass
Rob Henke-trumpet
Diane Moser-piano

(Planet Arts 301417) Street Date October 7, 2014

Live Appearance
Sunday, October 26th
Why Not Jazz Room
14 Christopher Street
West Village NYC
Sets 7:30 & 10:30 pm
A gregarious, communicative and warm hearted trio, Tim Ferguson Inside/Out plays a variety of music ranging from compositions by the members of the ensemble and well known jazz composers to completely improvised music. Audiences enjoy a colorful sonic journey as the  group explores a variety of musical approaches, creating music in which the line between composition and improvisation blurs and gives way to spontaneaus collective musical expression.

Silence [8:45]
(Charlie Haden)
Only A Dream [5:15]
(Ferguson, Moser, Henke)
A Drink and A Cigarette [5:04]
(Rob Henke)
Trumpet Bass Segue [1:28]
(Ferguson, Henke)
One For Mal [8:42]
(Diane Moser)
Un Bel Lago [10:04]
(Tim Ferguson)
If You Call Me, Then I’ll Call You [6:07]
(Diane Moser)
Hold That Thought [4:09]
(Ferguson, Moser, Henke)
You [6:57]
(Mal Waldron)



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