sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

The party continued in Oloron, France, with Latin Jazz ... always!

In this website, it is yours, so our writes 1st. May well: "Oloron, France, recevoir une bonne dose of Latin Jazz" with reviews, beautiful picture of the population of the Pyrenees and video Marialy Pacheco talented pianist playing "Mambo Inn" ... we have received these photos and you want to take out when the conclusions are Latin Jazz takes over the world!!
But in a nice way, without killing, without disturbing, only transmitting music of the soul. Why is the food of our soul is the Latin Jazz ... Gozalo !!
Photos are eloquence of beauty; and certainly congratulate the organizers:

Dhafer Yousef and Zakir Hussam

Los Valle (Marcos and Orlando "Maraca")

Celine Bonacina

Harold Lopez-Nussa and Flia

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