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Triple Point Records Releases the Frank Lowe Quartet OUT LOUD A Deluxe Vinyl Only 2

Frank Lowe Quartet 

2-LP, Vinyl-Only Set Containing Entirely Unreleased, Uncirculated 1974 Recordings

Frank Lowe -  saxophones and miscellaneous instruments 
Joseph Bowie - trombone & congas
William Parker - bass
Steve Reid - drums
Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet side D only

Label: Triple Point Records TPR 209
Label Website: www.triplepointrecords.com
Release Date: NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Side A
1. untitled 1 11:13 [slated “Act of Freedom pt. 1”]
2. Vivid Description 8:04 [slated “Act of Freedom pt. 5”]

Side B
1. Listen 2:33
2. untitled 2 12:25 [slated “Act of Freedom pt. 4”]
3. Logical Extensions 0:41
[slated “Act of Freedom pt. 3”]

Side C
1. Whew! 23:18

Side D
1. untitled 3 23:53
2. closing announcement [1:00]

All compositions by Frank Lowe
Frank Lowe -
 tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, voice, percussion, congas, balafon, whistles, harmonica, miscellaneous small instruments
Joseph Bowie - trombone & congas
William Parker - bass
Steve Reid - drums
Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet side D only

LP I, Survival Studio May 1, 1974 recording engineer-Rashied Ali

LP II, Studio Rivbea exact date unknown, probably 1974 recording engineer-Scott Trusty
OUT LOUD is the 1974 snapshot of Frank Lowe that got lost in the haze, now reconstructed and finally audible…four decades later.

This hand-numbered, 2-LP set enshrines newly discovered music from the short-lived and hitherto invisible 1974 quartet of Lowe, Joseph Bowie, William Parker, and Steve Reid. The band is captured in an unpublished record session at Rashied Ali’s Survival Studios and in performance at Studio Rivbea, OUT LOUD presents every known recording from this fiery band. None of these sounds have ever been heard beyond the circle of Lowe’s closest associates.

Journalists and even the most rabid collectors will be surprised to learn of the existence of this formation.

Frank Lowe Quartet—OUT LOUD
· 2-LP, vinyl-only set containing entirely previously unissued recordings
· strictly limited to 550 hand-numbered copies, housed in an old-school tip-on jacket
· 38-page, full-color brochure stunningly laid out by award-winning designer Svenja Knödler
· essay by Ed Hazell covering Lowe’s journey, the group’s history, and musical observations
· recollections from Lowe’s colleague, saxophonist J.D. Parran
· previously unpublished photos from Omar Kharem and Val Wilmer
· an early recorded appearance by trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah, guesting on one track
· 40 minutes of sync-sound video of this group tearing it up at Rivbea

All audio has been carefully transferred and optimized by Ben Young and Joe Lizzi, the mastering team that was Grammy™-nominated for Triple Point’s celebrated New York Art Quartet—call it art collection last year, and for Albert Ayler—Holy Ghost in 2006.

Triple Point’s top-flight manufacturing standards have led us to audiophile-level
vinyl from Quality Record Pressings. OUT LOUD’s high-quality brochure was printed at Meridian—it's all packaged in an old-school, tip-on gatefold jacket form Dorado.


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