lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

The multi instrumentalist Matt Lavelle & John Pietaro release his CD "Harmolodic Monk"

Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro have found the answer in their excellent releaseHarmolodic Monk, where they infuse Thelonious Monk's compositions withOrnette Coleman's harmolodic philosophy. It's a natural combination for both Lavelle and Pietaro, who have long enjoyed a fascination with Monk's music, and now finds themselves in mid-career increasingly intrigued by Monk's distinctive melodies and wide-interval blues-swing. Lavelle has also studied with Coleman for many years, both formally and informally, a relationship that has initiated Lavelle in the harmolodic universe as well as allowed him to find his own voice. In addition, Lavelle plays with the grand master Bern Nix, the guitarist in Coleman's groundbreaking group Prime Time, providing a hands-on education in the art of free swing. 

The combination of Monk and Coleman is delectable enough, but the duo adds other elements that invigorate the music. Monk used tenor sax and occasionally trumpet in his groups, so Lavelle's alto clarinet, cornet, and flugelhorn saturate the tunes in a wider array of colors. They also dispense with piano and instead Pietaro plays vibraphone, which adds a pleasing dimension to the music, an airy openness that sets up beautiful resonances throughout. In addition to his vibraphone chops, Pietaro is a fine percussionist, adding tasteful accents on a range of instruments including the congas and the bodhrán (Irish frame drum). The duet format is also refreshing, allowing the brilliant corners of these melodies plenty of light to shine without unnecessary embellishment.

All rows from beginning to end, "Harmolodic Monk", have respective improvisations that keep expectations passionate Jazz.

Lavelle & Pietaro performed live in Brecht Forum, NYC, running the famous piece 'Blue Monk', part of this production, this are result:      

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