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New Release: Four Volume Set Dizzy Gillespie Live At Ronnie Scott’s From CAP Records!

Some Exciting News
From CAP Records!  

An Astonishing Recording Of Dizzy Gillespie And His Quintet
From 1973 Has Been Uncovered
In The Basement Of
Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club In London

At Last! The Smokin' Hot Dizzy Gillespie Live 4 Volume CD set "Live From Ronnie Scott's" Recorded in 1973 featuring
Earl May-Bass, Al Gafa-Guitar, Mickey Roker-Drums and Mike Longo-Piano is now available from our site! 

It is beyond AMAZING! Dizzy is at the height of his creative powers and the group is as together like you have never heard.

Dizzy Gillespie Live At Ronnie Scott’s Vol. 1 (CAP Records 1040)
Dizzy Gillespie Live At Ronnie Scott’s Vol. 2 (CAP Records 1042)
Dizzy Gillespie Live At Ronnie Scott’s Vol. 3 (CAP Records 1043)
Dizzy Gillespie Live At Ronnie Scott’s Vol. 4 (CAP Records 1044

Dizzy proclaimed this to be "My best group ever!" 

Now you can get the set of 4 at a tremendous discount by clicking HERE

Coming off 30 days of one-nighters in Europe, Dizzy Gillespie arrived in London with his quintet for a two-week engagement at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on Frith Street in Soho. It was August of 1973. That summer, London was in the throes of the Provisional Irish Republican Army’s terror campaign. The troubles moved from Ireland to England in March when the IRA planted four car bombs. Two exploded, killing one person and injuring 180 others. Following a series of fatal explosions and bomb threats, the city was on edge, never knowing when or where the next blast might be. Gillespie, pianist Mike Longo, guitarist Al Gafa, bassist Earl May and drummer Mickey Roker found a city in apprehension.

“There was a bomb scare that day,” Gafa remembered. “I think a mailbox had blown up. Taking a cab to work, we had to go through police lines. There was a high amount of tension in the club. Everything was really quiet. The place was packed, but it just had a weird feeling.”

Gillespie’s ebullience and musicianship and the quality of his band would dispel the anxiety. In any event, tension was rarely a feature of Scott’s club on Frith Street in Soho. The proprietor was as celebrated for his askew humor and laconic stewardship of the club as for his musicianship.

You will hear Gillespie at the peak of his creative powers along with a band of master musicians performing music at a level rarely heard these days.

The first two weeks of this engagement found the band roaring to the extent that all three shows every night were completely sold out with lines forming around the block.  This prompted owner Ronnie Scott to hold Diz and his group over for another week while recording them every night. According to Scott, “The world needs to hear this music!”

A team of top engineers were brought in and equipment was set up in the coat room behind the band stand and one of the most historically important jazz recordings of all time became a reality.

But alas.  The release of the recording was put on the back burner due to circumstances beyond Scott’s control, and upon his death in 1969 the masters appeared to be lost forever.  In 2005 Peter King, Scott’s long time partner, sold the club to Sally Green, a theater impresario.  Upon renovating their new club the “lost” masters were discovered in the basement and turned over to the wife of the late Peter Bould who was the chief engineer for this recording.  Realizing what she had, she contacted Dave Usher, the CEO of CAP records, to see if there was anyway that this marvelous piece of history could be released.

Finally, this great recording has been released and is now available to you in a four-volume set of sheer dynamite!

One of the biggest benefits you will get from this fabulous listening experience is FUN!  You will hear Gillespie having a great time performing with his group that he referred to as “the best band I ever had.”  It is infectious! You will have a ball listening to this recording for years to come.

This is a wonderful experience to share with your children as there is nothing like it in their present world.  They will be turned on to a beauty unlike anything they have ever experienced and they will thank you many times over for allowing them to grow up with this glorious experience.

If there is one quality that permeates this entire recording it is LOVE!  This is evident throughout not only in the love the musicians have for each other as they perform, but the love they feel towards the audience and the audience towards them.  This is definitely music of the highest order.

These recordings are great way to escape the unpleasantness of everyday life and relax into the magical world of hard swinging joy that Gillespie was famous for.

This historically important recording will be something you will cherish for years to come--a family heirloom in a sense since it represents an important jazz icon at the top of his game with a group whose level of playing no longer exists in today’s world of music.  To bring together a group of musicians of this caliber that play together night after night on tour for several years honing their skills and then to listen to this unfold before your very ears in a live recording is practically unheard of these days.  People who have purchased this recording have reported listening to it over and over again in sheer disbelief at the level of music they are hearing.

Jazz has always been the music of the “free spirit” and especially Dizzy Gillespie’s music.  One journalist once referred to it as “instant Prozac.”  This is the kind of music that will cause your spirit to soar into the realm of metaphysical gratification every time you listen to it.  As Gillepie was once quoted, “I decided early on in life to be a creature of joy.”  Nowhere is this more evident than in this glorious live recording.

A perfect way to spend an evening with a significant other enraptured as this glorious music unfolds. Like biting into a succulent piece of exotic fruit for your ears.

Owning a recording of this caliber as part of your collection will bring instant recognition of being a person of the highest order when it comes to taste and a connoisseur of the finer things in life as this music transcends genre, demographics, age, race, and gender. This becomes immediately evident by anyone who hears it.

The absolute power of this music has the ability to literally transform you from any kind of negativity you might be feeling into a sublime state of well being. This has been reported by countless numbers of individuals who have all had the same experience.  “Instant Prozac” indeed!

A great way to escape the unpleasantness of everyday life and relax into the magical world of hard swinging joy that Gillespie was famous for.

Here’s what James Moody’s bassist Todd Coolman had to say:

To say that Dizzy's band at Ronnie Scott's on the 4-CD set you recently released is, "Poppin'" is the understatement of the century.  A band for the ages......I tip my hat....

Cool Man

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