jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Guitarist Russ Hewitt and his merry Flamenco Jazz at NAMM 2014!

Russ Hewitt is an exponent guitarist nature of Flamenco Jazz and Latin Jazz, with Arab and Indian dyes. His presentations are followed and their fans grow everywhere. Same her albums: "Bajo El Sol" and "Alma Vieja" are your letters, but now is announcing their new album, as always full of surprises and mergers that delight the listener. Mr. Hewitt have Grammy Nominations. He has always dreamed Jazz Caribe Radio and this web, and we are very happy with their musical growth, excellent friendship and personality. 

By January 2016, from 21 to 24 January, Anaheim Convention Center, California, it is scheduled as every year the maximum music products show in the World organized by National Association of Music Merchants and we invite you to enjoy this video where Mr. Hewitt demonstrates his mastery with your friends at the same show a year ago:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!
               www.russhewittmusic.com            jazzglobalbeat@gmailcom

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