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NEW JAZZ MYSTERY!!! And All That Motive, A Casey McKie Mystery by Joan Merrill

And All That Motive
A Casey McKie Mystery
by Joan Merrill

When America's number one male jazz singer, Sid Satin, is found dead in his dressing room at a jazz festival, police set their sights on Dee Jefferson. She'd had a blow-up with Satin that afternoon and they believe her gun is the murder weapon. To remove suspicion from her singer friend, San Francisco PI Casey McKie sets out to find the killer.
In delving into Satin's life, Casey finds a number of people who'd like to see him dead. As Casey accumulates evidence, the suspect list gets shorter, until, in a climactic scene, the culprit's identity is revealed, surprising even Casey.

"I'm a jazz musician and felt that the author did a great job of keeping things  real."
-- Shanna Carlson, jazz singer, pianist

"Throughout Merrill's books, almost all of the characters, major and minor, are jazz people. There is on-going commentary on today's jazz scene and how it differs from yesterday. No preaching, just strong and well-argued opinions during realistic conversations between characters."
 -- Bruce Crowther, jazz writer and crime novelist

"Exceptionally intelligent.."
  -- Carol Sloane, jazz singer and writer, carolsloane.com



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