jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Juan S. Garcia-Herreros (Snow Owl) follows the path of success with "The Blue Road" and more concerts in Europe!

"If the Jazz is freedom, love and peace someone who practices it 
openly: Juan S. Garcia-Herreros, also known as Snow Owl. This extraordinary 
upright bassist achieved to harmonize music from different continents 
of the world, varied range of music and even their musicians have different nationalities",  Luis Raul Montell - www.jazzglobalbeat.blogspot.com

At this time Juan S. Garcia-Herreros (Snow Owl) enjoys what he has sown studies, dedication, responsibility, humility, kindness and above all his musical project delivery.

This young Latin American (Colombian) has not only won awards, and has nomination with his CD "Normas" in the Latin Grammy 2015 and recently the Global Music Awards with his instrumental "7 Colores" but most importantly he has earned the love the public attending concerts or performances at festivals, also students of music waiting greedily classes and workshops to deepen their knowledge with Snow Owl professor.

But that persists due and when there is talent, ability and willingness even faster.

And this is the position it has today Snow Owl, triumph, but still create. It never fails to impress the rich mixture containing his compositions, hear "Normas" and draw conclusions; It is that mergers are the order of the day for Snow Owl.

It is appreciated jazz with Latin music, world music, waltzes, classical music, ethnic folklore and put everything in a blender and the result is simply harmonious, great, nice to hear at any time.

His musicians, also with great dedication, provide his with professionalism and passion, they follow by "The Blue Road" next CD Snow Owl. Good company is Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros with his manager and violinist Alejandra Maria conga player and his Venezuelan neighbor Roberto Quintero.

These are the upcoming presentations Snow Owl including in June this year 2016 the first two concerts CD release "The Blue Road" ... and come more:

 — E-BASS FORTBILDUNGSchloss WeinbergKefermarktAustria
INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAYSchloss Feistritz8843 Sankt Peter am Kammersberg
DEL PADREKulturhaus8960 ÖblarnAustria
SNOW OWL - THE BLUE ROADBühne des Audi Forum Ingolstadt 85045
SNOW OWL - THE BLUE ROADFine Art Galerie3133 Traismauer
We want to share with you the promotion that comes from the album "The Blue Road" Snow Owl is definitely super-:


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