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The pianist Antonio Adolfo this Saturday April 30 presented in WDNA Jazz Gallery in Miami with Jamie Ousley (bass) and Federico Britos (violin) + two new CD's

Maestro Antonio Adolfo is also pleased to announce
the release of two new CD’s on his own AAM Music

                                    Antonio Adolfo "Tropical Infinito” 

(AAM0710)   Street Date: 05/23/2016
Piano and Arrangements: Antonio Adolfo, Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Jessé Sadoc, Tenor Sax and Soprano Sax: Marcelo Martins, Trombone: Serginho Trombone,  Guitars: Leo Amuedo Acoustic Guitars on tracks1, 3 and 8:  Claudio Spievak   Double Bass: Jorge Helder, Drums: Rafael Barata, Percussion: André Siqueira and Rafael Barata 


In the purest tradition of musical expression, the extraordinary Brazilian composer, arranger, pianist Antonio Adolfo is not only a master musician, but also an innate teacher, who always imparts the wisdom, understanding and inspiration that is a fundamental purpose of all great music. His music consistently offers a lesson in history, while also delivering an immediate and enriching original musical statement.

For Antonio, this holds doubly true in his longtime commitment as an educator in Brazilian music, from both its expressive and historical context. After many years with an intense teaching schedule, Antonio has been able to shift his focus more toward his own music over the past decade. Yet, the historical element is always fully intertwined with his own personal message. Using specific elements in Brazilian musical culture as a springboard, Antonio’s recent albums have offered marvelous insights into that entrancing world while also providing remarkable musical journeys on their own.

With his latest release, Tropical Infinito, Antonio explores the splendid world of early 1960s jazz, which had a profound effect upon him and many of his fellow musicians when he was first becoming a professional artist. But of course, it’s from a clearly Brazilian perspective – samba for all but one track – completing the continuum that was begun back then and developed over all the years since. Featuring his new octet, Tropical Infinito marks the first time in many years that he has surrounded himself with horns, a clear nod to the music that inspired this album.

Antonio Adolfo’s albums always leave the listener with a deeper knowledge of Brazilian music, but even more importantly, an uplifting and deeply satisfying experience. Tropical Infinito adds another treasure to the great man’s timeless legacy.

Carol Saboya “Carolina” 

(AAM0709) Street Date: 05/23/2016
Vocal: Carol Saboya, Piano: Antonio Adolfo, Flute, Alto flute and Soprano sax: Marcelo Martins, Guitars: Leo Amuedo, Double bass: Jorge Helder, Drums: Rafael Barata, Percussion: Andre Siqueira and Rafael Barata * Obs.: Faltando um pedaço: Claudio Spiewak (acoustic guitar)
It’s been four years since the extraordinary Brazilian vocalist Carol Saboya has made a recording completely under her own name, waiting for the proper moment. That moment is now, with her utterly captivating new albumCarolina on AAM Music. Planning began a year ago for this date, her first since the release of her highly acclaimed 2012 U.S. debut album, Belezas – the Music of Ivan Lins and Milton Nascimento. (Carol has released two others in Japan and more in Brazil.)

With her consistent collaborator, the legendary Brazilian composer/pianist/arranger Antonio Adolfo handling the producing and arranging, Carolina features a group of exemplary musicians for this exploration into the works of some of Brazil’s greatest composers, along with some classic pop music songwriters. While some of these songs are highly familiar, they all sound as though they were personally written just for her.

Carol’s voice is a wondrous thing simply for its tonal quality, but her interpretive skills in telling the stories contained within create a magical aura around every song. Flawless intonation, impeccable phrasing and an emotional core that deeply feels and expresses each and every note make her a truly special and singular artist. Her voice has a liquid clarity that often sounds like a fine instrument, specially selected for the ideal qualities needed by each piece. The manner in which she uses that instrument is simply marvelous.

Sometimes as each tone is invoked, it has a life of its own, like a group of individuals joining to tell a tale. Butalways, radiant beauty is the key.

Carolina was most definitely worth the long wait, but anyone who hears this remarkable album is certain to wish that Carol Saboya never waits this long again to do another.

More information of Antonio Adolfo and Carol Saboya in this web and also www.jazzcaribe.blogspot.com 

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

www.antonioadolfomusic.com       www.carolsaboya.com


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