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Pianist and composer Roberto Magris celebrates new CD "Need To Bring Out Love"

Roberto Magris words:
Dear Raul,
“…I wanted  to entitle this new CD “Need To Bring Out Love”, as the title track song, to get the listener focused on the need of love that we have in this troubled world, specially in this period when the main issues in the TV news, magazines, media, are about terrorism, killings, social, racial and religion conflicts.
I’m not afraid to point out an old  fashioned motto as “peace and love”…I feel that also musicians need (and shouldn’t forget) to use their  own chances to promote and ask people to remain focused on the need of peace and love in our lives, and to give a positive  message, even if apparently could seem “out of context”. But music is always the right context for this, no matter if it swings, rock or grooves.

The CD cover is based on a photo from the Cava Cairns ancient site in Scotland; from those circles of stones I wish a positive energy would reach everybody has a chance to look and listen to this CD. I try this and I hope to bless in this way all my jazz friends and fans…”

The CD:
“Need To Bring Out Love”
Roberto Magris

1.- Out There Somewhere; 2.- Joyce Girl; 3.- I Want To Talk About You; 4.- Swami Blues; 5.- Candlewood Dreams; 6.- What Love; 7.- Together In Love; 8.- Need To Bring Out Love; 9.- Audio Notebook

The Musicians:
Roberto Magris (acoustic piano); Dominique Sanders (acoustic bass); Brian Steever (drums); special guest: Julia Haile (vocals 3, 8); Monique Danielle (vocals 7)

Edwin H Land an entrepreneur, physicist, scientist and inventor of the 20th century, invented instant picture taking. 
One day, while taking a picture of his 3-year-old daughter, she simply asked” where is the picture?” 
Perplexed but not powerless, Land began endless research and experiments until a solution to what had never happened before was found. 
Instant photography! His cameras and film were soon an instant success! 
We have come a long way since then with digital cameras, cameras on phones and cameras on computers. 
But, one thing remains the same…pictures are still worth a thousand words!
The picture on this CD cover, is from "Clava Cairns located in Scotland. 
“Clava Cairns” has a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere all its own. .Clava Cairns is known for its standing stones in beautiful ring settings. 
A thorough survey of the vertical remains recently discovered, shows an unnoticed connection between the color and texture of the building materials and the architecture of the monuments. 
Like that beautiful setting, this music along with its cover art, encourages us to find peace, beauty and love in all the things we see, hear and feel. 
In other words, to bring out the love in us! We “Need to Bring out Love.” 
So, when faced with powerful perplexing problems or situations in life, find ways to show more love. 
Find ways to show more love for people, places and things in life. 

Notes of Roberto Magris:
Pianist and composer Roberto Magris was born Trieste, Italy, in 1959. Early influences that still resonate with him include Wynton Kelly, Tommy Flannagan, Bill Evans, Kenny Drew, Randy Weston, McCoy Tyner, Andrew Hill and Paul Bley, others.
Mr. Magris began his career in the late ‘70s, since then has recorded  27  albums with his own groups and has played concerts in 41 different countries in the 5 continents, also perfoming at several top jazz festivals and jazz clubs in the world, including Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, The Blue Room in Kansas City, The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles, Porgy & Bess in Vienna, Nardis in Istanbul, Bennett’s Lane in Melbourne, Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada, Ocho Rios in Jamaica, Ecuador Jazz and more.
In the ’80, Mr. Magris was the leader of a seminal jazz trio named ‘Grupo Jazz Marca’ and recorded 3 LP’s that were reissued 25 years later on CD format, as colector’s items by the English label Arision. In the ‘90s, he increased wider recognition on the European an International jazz scene perfoming and recording CD’s with the ‘Roberto Magris Quartet’, the progressive jazz bands DMA ‘Urban Jazz Funk’ and ‘Alfabeats Nu Jazz’.  
Mr. Magris performed as a sideman with Kai Winding, Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis and Sal Nistico, and as a guest soloist with the Traditional Jazz Studio bands from Prague. In 2003 he collaborated with USA  expatriate alto saxophonist Herb Geller, rec ording his first  major-label CD “Il Bello del Jazz” with his multinational Europlane Quintet. Also collaborated with bassist Art Davis, drummer Jimmy ‘Junebug’ Jackson and  saxophonists Tony Lakatos  and Michael Erian in 2006 and 2007.
However, since 2006, Mr. Magris has mainly focused his musical interest in the USA, where he has become the musical director and leading recording artist for JMood Records, the Kansas City jazz label owned  by Paul Collins. For JMood Records Magris has 12 albums, including this more recent “ Need To Bring Out Love”, performed and recorded with jazz stars  Art Davis,  Albert ‘Tootie’ Heath, Idris Muhammad, Sam Reed, Elisa Pruett, Pablo Sanhueza, Monique Danielle, Julia Haile, Kendall Moore and others.

Magris has performed concerts for jazz piano, orchestra and strings with the Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica from Verona and the Orchestra Giovanile del Veneto.
In the performances and recordings Roberto Magris reveals and makes you feel his love Latin music, so it's no surprise perceive your style, Latin Jazz.
Roberto Magris was recently in the show room WDNA in Miami, Florida-USA where we bring this video:    

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