domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

With "Cosmogram" the guitarist and composer Hugo Fernandez gives new light to the Modern Jazz!

"In the music of Hugo Fernandez eclectic, emotional, improvised and 
vibrant jazz come together, giving innovative modern jazz lights"
Luis Raul Montell - Jazz Global Beat

The CD:

Hugo Fernandez

Tracks: 1. Reconciliacion; 2. Metro; 3. Sublime; 4. Grounds; 5. Auras; 6. Un-Balanced; 7. Bakio; 8. Yap

Musicians: Hugo Fernandez (guitar, composer); Antonio Sanchez (drums); Ariel Bringuez (tenor and soprano saxophone); Antonio Miguel (bass)

The group formed by Hugo Fernandez for this excellent production is extremely solid. Fernandez compositions, accomplished guitarist, were understood and executed with passion for his countryman Antonio Sanchez, one of the great drummers of today and who to be here is because it recognizes the quality of what happens here; Ariel Bringuez and Antonio Miguel, saxophonist and bass, respectively, which are intensely developing his musical career.

Notes of Hugo Fernandez:

Hugo Fernandez, after his whole life in the American Continent (Mexico), relocated to Madrid in 2006. He is a Berklee graduate with a Masters in Jazz from the University of New Orleans. He has played with his band in many Mexican and Spanish jazz festivals including: Mexico's "Palacio de Bellas Artes", "III Festival Jazz-Mex", "XIX Festival del Centro Historico", "Festival Internacional de Guitarra CNA", "Festival de Jazz de Madrid", "Festival de Jazz de Granada", "Festival Universidad de Sevilla," among others, and jazz venues such as: Zinco Jazz Club, Bogui, Clamores, Berlin Cafe, Snug Harbor, Jazz Corner etc... He has worked as a side man with many artists including: Celia Mur, Magos Herrera, Cordelia, Arturo Mora, and many more.

His new CD "Cosmogram" (2015) is his second recording as a leader and shows us his enthusiasm for composition. His music has a broad variety of sounds, from jazz, classical, rock-pop and and an ethnic touch. This stylistic diversity gives us an all-round mood and ambience in his recorded works and live performances.

"I try to detach from conventions about how a jazz quartet should sound...I simply write music that inspires me and try to make it sound the most organic or alive while performing it." 

His Quartet is a multicultural group fit to his needs. Great cuban saxophonist Ariel Bringuez (Irakere and Chucho Valdez) has a full and mellow sound of his own, very lyrical and imaginative that can remind us a bit of Joe Henderson and Joe Lovano. Antonio Miguel (Gerardo Nuñez and Benedikt Janhel) is a solid and experienced Spanish bassist, who is first choice to many flamenco and Spanish jazzmen. Lastly, drumming genius Antonio Sanchez (Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, etc..) brings his arsenal of power, creativity and drive needed to uplift the music.

In this video we can learn some important moments of the recording of the album "Cosmogram":

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