domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

"After 53 years Alfredo Naranjo y Los Jovenes del Sur launch new Pollera Colora"

'La Pollera Colora' is a composition whose original composers were: Juan Bautista Castro Madera (clarinetist of the Orchestre de Pedro Salcedo) in music and accepting this Choperena Wilson, lead singer of the same orchestra, the letter.
This subject, cumbia, Colombia's traditional rhythm, recorded at 78 RPM acetate album, though not to the liking of Conductor Salcedo, such was his success that he went around the world. This occurred in 1960 and 61.
And during the following years there was no party in Latin America and many parts of the globe where chevere not dance the cumbia "La Pollera Colora", many people live with longing those times.
Today we have a special version with a first arrangement and orchestration, under the baton of one of the best vibraphone has delighted us with his nice salsa and Latin jazz: Alfredo Naranjo.
Mr. Naranjo achieved a new success in his career and is followed by  Los Jóvenes del Sur, musicians from Colombia, Peru, Cuba and Venezuela.
Alli will accompany the video to enjoy where Your are of Latin music.
¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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