jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

"Amsterdam World Jazz City 2014"

The day October 3, 2013 will be a date remembered for Jazz lovers and those who are not well , and that on that occasion was formalized and accepted by the authorities , Mayor of Amsterdam , the Dutch capital's designation as World Jazz City 2014.In a simple ceremony , but very exciting , held at Cafe Kapitein Zeppos the always beautiful and artistic city of Amsterdam people gathered public and private sector , jazz people happy and logically the creators of the initiative, to make the joint statement : " Ámsterdam World Jazz City 2014".

Prof. Cees Hamelink and Jeroen De Rijk

The Mayor of Amsterdam , Eberhard van der Laan , looked pleased by the initiative of Professor Cees Hamelink -Chairman , and the musician Jeroen De Rijk -Vice Chairman , and I accept , in addition to offering support as required for this great event , which has the distinction of being actual or activity throughout 2014.Besides concerts , there will be exhibitions, films , radio and television broadcasts , street jazz , forums , the paticipacion of children and youth in the events and of the whole population , etc . All this has provided the Organizing Committee .Moreover, this great event is added to the attractions which in itself is Amsterdam and tourists will be for a great combination: Tourism and Jazz.

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