lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

More Jazz Festivals in Europa...!

In the town of Presov, Slovakia, will be a party in two days
in which the stage will be occupied by: Edilson Sanchez Quartet, Chicago Blue Connection, Zawinul Legacy Band and others.

Hanza Jazz Festiwal IX comes to hand editing Cultury Centrum 105 of its Director Pawel Strojek, and a group of collaborators magnificent as: Monica Modla, Grazyna Ostroglowa, Izabella Aguieazka Wilke and Walczak, who have the mission to get you started this Festival to the world.
In Koszalin, Poland.


While in Konstanz, Germany, will be held on Jazzherbst 2013 with the participation of: Grunes Blatt, Netnakisum, Hilaria Kramer, Villerd / Ayler Quartet.

Salzburger Jazz-Herbst
The presence of Jamaican Monty Alexander Trio gives capital gains to Salzburger Jazz-Herbst in Austria.
Deutsches Jazz Festival Frankfurt 2013
Some musicians in high demand worldwide Dave Holland (bass) and Pharoah Sanders (sax)

The Jazz fans are encouraged throughout Germany to the upcoming performances of Dave Holland Prism and Pharoah Sanders & The Urderground in Frankfurt.

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