domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

Suzanna Lubrano is secured by vocalist quality, simplicity and passionate feeling

Suzanna Lubrano , next to Cesaria Evoria remembered are the favorite daughters of Cape Verde, Africa .
 Ms. Lubrano and Mrs. Evoria different generations and styles have given glory to his homeland as artists and as human beings copies.
 With a modern style , beautiful but simple , with a sweet voice and presence hinoptizadora , Ms. Lubrano has seen its popularity greatly multiply to the point of not only won the hearts of the people, but a number of important awards.
 Zouk rhythm representative maxima , which include styles like Batuqu , R & B , Bachata , Coladeira , Jazz , etc., Ms. Lubrano has been able to interpret and understand the desires of the people. So there are various manifestations of Zouk : as the funny and romantic. In both the presence of the dance comes on stage and also infects the audience to make a beautiful party.
She has produced seven successful albums , the last " Festa Mascarado " and " The Best of Suzanna Lubrano " .
Bigotry towards music and singing of Miss Lubrano reaches all continents countries . In the Caribbean region , especially in the islands of Curacao , Aruba , Bonaire , Barbados and Guadeloupe , is a queen , like in Cape Verde , the Netherlands , where he lives , Portugal, France, Africa .
Then we offer one of the most recent videos of Suzanna Lubrano and her band, Off Corso, Rotterdam, Holland, which can describe the warmth and emotion that conveys the great artist to his fans.


Your fans await their concerts "Ámsterdam World Jazz City 2014"!


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