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Barb Jungr - 2014 New York season at 59e59 with USA premier of Hard Rain - the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen

Barb Jungr "Hard Rain"
The songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen

(Kristalyn Records KLCD1)
Street Date May 27, 2014
Vocals: Barb Jungr
Bass: Neville Malcolm, Bass on tracks 1, 3, 8 + 10: Steve Watts, Percussion: Gary Hammond, Shakuhachi: Clive Bell, Talking drum and additional percussion: Richard Oletunde Baker, Piano, hammond organ and synthesisers: Simon Wallace
Track listing, track times and composer:
1. Blowin’ In The Wind (Bob Dylan)
2. Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson)
3. Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen)
4. Hard Rain (Bob Dylan)
5. First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen)
6. Masters Of War (Bob Dylan)
7. It’s Alright Ma (Bob Dylan)
8. 1000 Kisses Deep (Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson)
9. Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan)
10. Land Of Plenty (Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson)
11. Chimes Of Freedom (Bob Dylan)

Musicians: Vocal: Barb Jungr, Bass: Neville Malcolm, Bass on tracks 1, 3, 8
+10 Steve Watts, Percussion: Gary Hammond, Shakuhachi: Clive Bell
Talking drum and additional percussion: Richard Oletunde Baker
Piano, Hammond organ and synthesisers: Simon Wallace
Arranged by: Simon Wallace and Barb Jungr Produced by: Simon Wallace Executive Produer: Independent Voices
Recorded and mixed at Underhill Studios by Simon Wallace Tracks 4 + 7 mixed by Simon Wallace and Richie Stevens
Mastered by: Dick Beetham at 3670 Mastering Artwork photography and design: Steve Ullathorne Hair: Jason Welch at Eleven
The UK’s finest interpreter of song, Barb Jungr erturns to the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonadr Cohen with the release of Hard Rain. Oft referred to as “the politicised chansonnier” and cited as one of the worlds’ best performers of Dylans’ material, Barb turns to six of his most politically hadr-hitting songs along with five of Leonadr Cohen’s most impassioned songs of conscience. Barbs’ selection for Hard Rain reflects her despair with the political times that we live in an dshe has deliberately chosen songs that resonate as strongly today as they did when they weer originally written: Blowin’ In The Wind is now 51 years old nad its sentiments are as relevant today as they ever weer.

“The space in between has always been my default position. Between song and singer, lyric and music, arrangement and performance. So I am amazed to be so clear about this collection. I knew right from the start it was all the tougher songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen that I wanted to sing. I knew there was somehow a through thread to them - that the world they described and the actions they rejected and celebrated were of as much importance today as the day those songs were penned. There’s something in both writers that transcends the material itself, as though the words and music have powers beyond the paper and the groove, beyond the voice and the piano. So I’m entering a new decade with singing a clutch of special songs that have moved and shaken, caressed and struck me. I hope you’ll love the glorious music of both of these writers as much as I do....if that’s possible.... and let’s watch the dawn of the new day together.” —Barb Jungr
The album comes complete with insightful liner notes by writer Liz Thomson, who as Elizabeth Thomson prepared “the director’s cut” of No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan (2014). She was also the co-editor of The Dylan Companion. As a young journalist, her first ever interview was with Leonadr Cohen.
All of the arrangements on the album aer by Barb and her long-standing collaborator and accompanist, hte pianist Simon Wallace, who also produced the album. In addition to Simon (piano, Hammond organ and synthesizers), Barb is also joined by Neville Malcom on bass (with Steve Watts providing bass on tracks 1,3,8 and 10);

Gary Hammond (percussion); Clive Bell (Shakahachi) and Richard Olatunde Baker on talking drum and additional pecrussion. Together with Barb, they inject new life and energy into each song. Hard Rain will be released on Kristalyn Records on 24th March 2014. The album will be supported by an extensive run of liev dates and will be launched with a special premiere performance of this Dylan/Cohen collection at Londons’ Purcell Room on Friday 14th February befoer going on tour throughout the UK.
“In 2002, the British singer Barb Jungr released “Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan: Every Grain of Sand”, which is, as far as I’m concerned, the most significant vocal album of the 21st century thus far.” —The Wall Street Journal, 2011

“The only word to describe her dramatic interpretations is revelatory…..I was open mouthed with astonishment.” —New York Times, December 2013

What The Press Is Saying About 
Barb Jungr "Hard Rain"
 The songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen

The Daily Mirror 4 stars
"Jungr proved one of the greatest interpreters of Bob Dylan songs with two previous cover albums from his awesome songbook. This time, two towering masters of Jewish American song provide the raw material for Barb's rich voice and finely details jazzy arrangements. A notable achievement."
All About Jazz march 14 2014
"The readings of these Dylan songs reaffirm Jungr's standing as a Dylan interpreter; her loose, easy version of "Chimes of Freedom"—made famous as a hit byThe Byrds—emphasises that Jungr rivals the group as one of the best. In no way does it detract from her abilities as a Dylan interpreter to say that the revelation of Hard Rain is that her versions of the Cohen songs all but steal the album. As an album, it is the equal of Jungr's two all-Dylan ones but, more importantly, it opens up a rich new seam for her to mine. More!!"
Jazzwise 4 stars
"Investing everything she sings with telling insight, Jungr's complete affinity with the material lends the collection a galvanising power. There are lyrical jewels a plenty."
Sunday Times
"Once again, the British singer finds new paths through what, at first glance, might seem familiar material. 1000 Kisses Deep is simply heart-stopping. Jungr's attention to timbre and nuance brings new depth to every syllable."
Something Else 
 Barb Jungr has a powerful tool in the box — and that is her voice. Combine this with the powerful songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, and a group of good musicians, and you have something which has the potential to blow your mind. So, Barb sets high expectations and this album does not disappoint.  Hard Rain is a great album, one in which to immerse yourself until you are soaked through.
CD Review:   
British vocalist Barb Jungr has never been known to play it safe. Her previous recordings have revealed an iconoclastic singer with little fear of any material. She has an affinity for Bob Dylan as seen in her two previous collections of Dylan songs, Every Grain of Sand (Linn, 2002) and Man in the Long Black Coat (Linn, 2011). On Hard Rain Jungr adds Leonard Cohen to her Dylan oeuvre, a pairing that contrasts the two different song writers, while, at the same time, demonstrating the social source of their music.  A musical vision this refined and challenging comes rarely. Barb Jungr has been and will continue to be a creative force to reckon with, and aren't we fortunate for it. 
Feature - 
"what Jungr really is is an exceptional interpreter of popular songs, with a dramatic, sometimes theatrical style and a remarkable technique.
Her interpretive skills are thrillingly apparent on her current album, Hard Rain, on which she sings six songs by Bob Dylan and five by Leonard Cohen." (Trevor Hodgett) 
4 Stars  
"Jungr always brings exceptional freshness to her shows, not to mention unexpected harmonica choruses with pianist Simon Wallace and bassist Dudley Philips. Admirably vivacious even at the end of a 19 - date tour, she put total immersion into the songs and kept the audience enrapt."



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