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Urban Renewal Project @Harvelle's Santa Monica feat. Alex Nester & Elmer Demond Friday, 24 October 2014

Urban Renewal Project
appearing at

Harvelle's Santa Monica
Friday, 24 October, 11:00 PM • $10 • 21+
featuring Alex Nester & Elmer Demond

1432 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401 • 310-395-1676
Info & link for tix: Click HERE


WDCB Chicago 90.9FM
Will Be Spinning Our Record This Weekend!
Tune in at 6:00 PM Central this Sunday.

New Video

We Big Tonight -The Urban Renewal Project ft. Elmer Demond & Aubrey Logan

Musicians: Aubrey Logan – Vocals, Elmer Demond – Rap Vocals, Brian Clements – Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Alexander Meyers – Alto Saxophone – solo on 8, David Wise – Alto Saxophone, Michael Czaja – Alto Saxophone R.W. Enoch, Jr. – Tenor Saxophone, Bb Clarinet – solo on 1, 2, 9, Matt Ballard – Baritone Saxophone, Max O’Leary – Trumpet, Mitchell Cooper – Trumpet, Elliot Deutsch – Trumpet – solo on 7, Chris Gray – Trumpet, Jeff Collins – Trumpet, Lindsay McMurray – Trombone, Evan Mackey – Trombone – solo on 3, Lemar Guillary – Trombone, Rhoadell Sudduth – Bass Trombone, Michael King – Bass Trombone, Andrew Lee – Electric Guitar – solo on 5, Tim Friedlander – Electric Guitar, Dustin Morgan – Electric Bass – solo on 4, Michael McFadden – Electric Bass – solo on 1, Satoshi Kirisawa – Drums – solo on 5, Scott Spongberg – Drums, Ashley Jarmack – Oboe, Nancy Newman – Bassoon, Lisa, McCormick – Horn

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Nic Chaffee Recording & Mastering Engineer: Kevin Welsh

Produced at: The Woodshed Lakewood, California
Distributor: Catapult Digital Distribution

The Urban Renewal Project has been kicking around the Pacific Coast for the better part of four years, using the instruments of a bygone era to create a signature sound that blurs the boundaries between pop, soul, jazz and hip-hop. The band’s dynamic live performances have captivated listeners and brought audiences to their feet in packed rooms from The House of Blues in LA to Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. With the combined vocal talents of jazz singer Aubrey Logan and freestyle rap virtuoso Elmer Demond, the URP is back with its sophomore release in Local Legend. The album’s nine original tracks draw from an eclectic variety of styles—including R&B, swing, and West African highlife—while remaining unified by the melodic ear worms and hip-shaking grooves that characterize the group’s sound. Their debut release, Go Big or Go Home (2012), was called “one of the most exciting hybrid releases to come along in some time,” and the follow-up does not disappoint. Local Legend will be available September 23, 2014 on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else!

“It is truly amazing to see musicians who can play legitimate jazz and funk music in such a big way. Plenty of groups play hip hop with a jazz tone, but not like this. The talent and precision it takes to pull off a sound of such magnitude is beyond impressive.”
—Gerry Doot, LA Music Blog

“... if you had to choose a band to spend a day with, this is definitely the one you’d want to be around. The fun energy with this band can be heard on the music from their new CD, which blends a rich gumbo of jazz, pop, soul and hip-hop... there are tracks here that will provide the perfect upbeats for a great party.”
—Asha Brodie, Jazz Moods Radio

Artist: The Urban Renewal Project
Title: Local Legend
Label: Lombardy Records URP003
UPC: 030915391023

Track listing, track times
1. My Own Way 5:17
2. Rooftops & Parking Lots 4:35
3. Make Like You Mean It 5:08
4. You’re Beautiful 4:35
5. Redshift 4:31
6. Change 4:31
7. We Big Tonight 3:42
8. Prophecy 5:15
9. The Belief 3:31
Watch Our New Video

We’re excited to bring you the exclusive unveiling of the brand new music video for “We Big Tonight,” a bumping hip-hop tune featuring The Urban Renewal Project‘s big horn section and freestyle rapper Elmer Demond, featuring a soulful vocal hook by Jazz singer Aubrey Logan.
Songwriter-arranger-saxophonist R.W. Enoch on the song:
“We really wanted to recreate the sound of modern hip-hop music using our traditional jazz instrumentation, and do it in a way that was still totally bangin’—where you’d still want to hear it through the subs in your car or out at the club. The video matches the tone of the music and lyrics in the song. It’s set at an underground hip-hop show, where the crowd is taking a few tropes from rap-culture and turning them on their ear.”
Elmer Demond on the song:
“This song was my way of telling the world what we already knew: that we are a really big deal. I really feel like our past video shoots were just preparing us for this one. I felt like we were finally receiving that big-deal treatment.”

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