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Maria Jacobs "Here Comes Winter" CD Release Party Sun, Nov 2nd @ Nighttown Sets 7pm & 8:15pm

 Maria Jacobs, Vocals
Bob Fraser, Guitar
Brian Wildman, Bass
Cliff Habian, Piano/Keyboard

12387 Cedar Rd
Cleveland, OH 44106  
cross street Fairmont

For Tickets & Info Click HERE
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Maria Jacobs, vocals/keyboard (title track)

  1. Here Comes Winter [3:30] (M. Jacobs)
  2. Til Forever Comes [5:10] (M. Jacobs/C. Habian)
  3. Fall In Love Again [2:59] (M. Jacobs/C. Habian)
  4. Never Will I Marry [2:23] (F. Loesser)
  5. Time After Time [4:21] (J. Styne/S. Cahn)
  6. Case of You [5:17] (J. Mitchell)
  7. In My Room [4:53] (B. Wilson/G. Usher)
  8. Art of Saying Goodbye [4:44] (M. Jacobs)
  9. From Both Sides Now [5:03] (J. Mitchell)
  10. River [4:10] (J. Mitchell)
11. My God Is Here [4:10] (M. Jacobs)

Total Time: 46:00 © 2014 IWARBLE MUSIC  UPC: ?????
Recorded at 24 Bit/44.1 kHz sampling rate

Engineered by: Pete Tokar, The Reel Thing (CLE); recorded Jan. – July 2014

Here Comes Winter is the fifth solo project for Maria Jacobs, “…a milestone in the career of Maria Jacobs, is easily recommended.” (Scott Yanow) It is the fitting follow-up to Art of the Duo, where she is also paired with guitarist Bob Fraser, who joins her on Here Comes Winter.  Art of the Duo:  “…is most refreshing because her voice is not over-trained and contains just enough grit to give it a lived-in sound that makes it at once familiar and friendly with a hint of sex and satin… (Michael Bailey, All About Jazz.) Jacobs has been compared to the likes of Madeline Eastman, Maucha Adnet, and Heather Masse, (Jack Goodstein, “Jacobs’ scat singing is the equivalent of textured spun gold…” (Brent Black,  Here Comes Winter also includes Brian Wildman or Bob Curry on Bass, Cliff Habian on Keyboard/String Patches, David Strieter on Hammond B3/Keyboard and Maria herself plays Keyboard on the title track.  Not all duets, but all are sparse arrangements for a “winter in your heart” experience.

“…While the emphasis is on slower tempos with close interplay between the singer and the guitarist, there is a lot of variety to the performances and they always hold on to one’s attention. Whether making high notes sound effortless, displaying quiet passion, or cutting loose like the best Broadway singer (one could imagine her “Fall In Love Again” being in a show), she is quite impressive. But in addition, Maria Jacobs often sings with quiet and restrained passion, sounding quite fetching on some of the more haunting pieces…Here Comes Winter, a milestone in the career of Maria Jacobs, is easily recommended.”

Scott Yanow, author of 11 books including The Jazz Singers, The Great Jazz Guitarists, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76

Maria Jacobs is a vocalist and songwriter who lived, performed and recorded in LA for 11 years.  She has returned to her native Cleveland, Ohio.  She performs at Playhouse Square, The Tri-C Jazz Fest and other historic Cleveland venues.  She also continues to perform in LA and NY.  Her original jazz and R&B songs are heard throughout the UK.

Enjoy all of this video hit last of Maria Jacobs "Love You With The Lights On":

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